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Veggies With P+F Meal?


I always thought it was only P+C and only P+F... although, I read on a thread recently that its ok to have a P+F meal with carbs if those carbs come from fruit or veggies.

Which is right?


Of course it is alright to eat carbs with fats and proteins. Especially when those carbs are veggies, eat without concern.

Quite honestly the whole pf and pc but never cf thing is a little oversimplified. There are times to maximize nutrient combinations, but to live by these like they are from a stone tablet is a bit loose.


Carbs cause insulin to be released which can lead to fat storage so from this point of view you shouldnt eat C+F however if your carbs are low GI then its not really a problem. Something like brocoli has practically no effect on blood sugar/insulin levels so eat yer greens!!

Its ok to have a small amount of fats in C+P meals and C in P+F meals. Pretty difficult not to in fact.


It depends on which vegetable you're talking about.

I eat either spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, green beans or zuchini/squash with all my P-F meals. No higher-carb veggies and absolutely no fruit with my P-F meals.

Of course...that's just me talking... I've experimented and found this works for me. I don't tolerate carbs very well.

You might be different.


The key for P+F meals is consuming carbs that are low on the GI index. This doesn't mean just veggies, but can include some fruits and beans as well. I consume black beans with P+F meal every night. Not only because of their low GI rating, but they also contribute to added fibre, are high in protein and I find they sit well afterwards. They replace what used to be a starch food like potatoes, rice or pasta.


AH true in that carbs cause insulin to be released but not only carbs. They are just known (the simple variety) for a BIG spike in insulin. a pure protine only or fat only meal will also cause insulin to be released as well. Insulin is what shuttles the nutrients throughout are body.

The problem arises with the whole having F and simple P due to the fact you have this HUGE spike in insulin that is storing things VERY fast and it doesnt care if its storing fat or sugar. Its just grabbing shit and storing it. Where as having complex carbs and fiber like those in veggies wont casue that huge release and the macros are able to hang out a bit longer be used not stored.


ah good. my search proved successful and i didnt start a new thread over this.

i dont usually have carbs at night, and by carbs i mean something like bread or rice or potatoes or such. im vegitarian anyway and my dinners are basically whey shakes with milk and bananas.. that's basically my dinner every night.

but recently ive been having hummus and falafel a lot at night. hummus is basically chickpeas, and the falafels that i have are made of chickpeas, fava beans and some green vegetables like coriander.

are these ok to have at night or are they not good carbs at night?


If you're eating a bunch of REFINED carbohydrates(sugar) don't eat a lot of fat.

If you're eating Complex carbohydrates that are high in fiber,then it is alright to add some fat(especially good fats) because fiber slows down digestion anyway.

Protein and fat causes your insulin to go up too.Thats not really the problem.The problem is when you're spiking your insulin and are consuming large amounts of fat with sugar.