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Veggies With Every Meal?


This is the one habit of Berardi's that I have trouble with. I do get veggies at most meals. Well, 3 out of my 6. Namely, I usually have a fruit at breakfast and I don't do veggies PWO and pre bed.

What veggies do you guys eat at breakfast and pre bed?


Well I have 100g-200g green veggies with each P+F meal (3 of them), the rest of the meals don't have and it's been working just fine.

I do sometimes throw in beans with my carb meals, and have some fruit for breakfast as well.


What is the rationale for eating vegetables at every meal ? Phytonutrients, fibre, vitamins, minerals ?

If so just split up your intake across all the meals, maybe eating fruit earlier and vegetables later.

If you eat the more fibrous vegetables/fruit before bed with things like slow release proteins (i.e caseins) and some fat you can stay in a positive nitrogen and energy balance for longer through the night.


In his latest article, Tailor made nutrition, he lists the habits as these:

Habit 1: Eat every 2-3 hours.

Habit 2: Eat complete, lean protein with each feeding opportunity.

Habit 3: Eat vegetables with each feeding opportunity.

Habit 4: Eat veggies/fruits with any meal. Eat "other carbs" only after exercise.

Habit 5: Eat healthy fats daily.

Habit 6: Don't drink beverages (soda, beer, etc.) with more than 0 calories.

Habit 7: Eat whole foods whenever possible.

I'm guessing the veggies at every meal would be for fiber?


Note he says, "with ANY meal" not with EVERY meal. =)


But he also says to "eat vegetables with every feeding opportunity."


When he answered my question in the Tailored made Nutrition article it seemed that he did indeed mean with every meal except for PWO. I THINK you can subsitute the veggies for fruit every once in a while too.

Regarding it's purpose I just remembered it might be to balance the acidity of a meal. Most veggies are basic in pH.


Omelette with onion, grrenm pepper, and tomato/salsa.

That covers the breakfast. Add on some fruit and maybe a glass Of Grow!

As for the rest of the day just grab some and eat it, Broccili, cauli, pickles, etc. Add them to your snacks.

If you getting them 3 mals a day you are doing a LOT better than 90% of the world.

Just try and get them in. One littlwe quote I liked from I do beleive JB was everyone should eat like a vegetarian, then add on to that intake a LOT of meats.


This is my hardest 'Berardi Rule' too! I just love to eat Oatmeal for breakfast (even on non-workout days).

Try adding red pepper and ground pepper to cottage cheese. That is one way I found to add veggies to something I was eating anyway.


How does that taste? I usually just eat it by itself, no add-ins.


Spinach and eggs
Eggs and tomatoes
Broccoli and eggs


OMG its awesome. Also try cottage cheese with PB, Chocolate Grow! and some Fiber One cereal. Tastes great!


If you want, get some of that greens supplement... kinda pricey though. But, seems worth it kinda if you have trouble bringing veggies to work, or whatever.


For me I usually try to keep in my fridge a big bag of cleaned and cut:

1.) green bell peppers
2.) green beans
3.) brocolli

To me, all of these taste pretty good and are really easy to just sit there and snack on while I'm online or doing homework. As a college student I am pretty much limited to raw vegetables because I'm pretty sure the dining hall's cooked vegetables have a pulse. Those three are really easy to prepare (especially the brocolli, just break it up a little and wash it) and easy to eat.