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Veggies/Salad to Increase Satiety



Its been a long time since i have posted on here but i always remember the advice you gave me in the past so here i am again. I have recently started dieting and i really want add some good salad and veg to my meals?What veg/salad can i add to my meals by the truck load so that i dont feel so hungry?i am starting to feel a little weak due to the lack of food however feel some extra veg and salad would be a great benefit?

Any advice would be great thanks


Broccoli and spinach.


Any green veggies will do... lettuce (any kind), spinach, celery are all good choices.


Don't quote me on this but, find out which greens promote the highest level of alkalinity. Just because a high alkaline diet promotes more muscle growth. Anyone that will like to add plz refine my post. I stick to asparaus(however you can bear it), spinach, broccoli.