Veggies...just what ones

Hi guys, i’m currently doing the “don’t diet” plan, its good,although I had to lower calories to accelerate fat loss. The thing is that I’m trying to keep the carb meals low insulin index, low Gi . The only sources for my carbs are basically oatmeal and Surge and some veggies.Oatmeal is not very convenient. i know veggies ar supposed to be a great source of carbs , well not supposed to be, they are. The problem is, I still want to keep carbs at 175-180 grams a day. wghat kind of veggies can i eat ebsides broccoli and green beans…is corn ok for don’t diet. thanks mike

Hey, Mike-O. How’s it goin’, bro? Fat loss coming along okay these days? I’ve always been a fanatic of broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, lettuce, cucumbers and frozen bags of mixed veggies (which contain green beans, carrots, peas, corn and lima beans). I’m not sure about the carrots, but the others should be good to go. The few starchy carbs won’t hurt ya, just watch them later in the day–maybe stick with just fibrous ones later or go with pro/fat meals.

If you don’t eat any starchy carbs other then oatmeal you’ll have to eat a heck of a lot of green veggies in order to get your necessary carbs. Go ahead and eat some beans, corn, potatoes, etc. Just make sure you control the portion size and know how many carbs you’re getting.