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Veggies in Protein Shake Less Nutritious?


So lately I've been experimenting with adding frozen veggies to my protein shakes, and I was wondering if mixing them into a protein shake would somehow diminish the nutritional value of the veggies.

I remember in nutrition class, that my professor said something like "when considering smoothies, the nutritional value will be lesser". However, I never understood if she was referring to store bought smoothies, loaded with sugar, or if this applied to homemade smoothies (where you know what's going into them) as well.

Is there some sort of diminishing effect since the vegetables will be in liquid form? Perhaps they won't be as filling.. something to do with fiber?

I'm planning to have a protein/veggie shake during my next semester of college rather than making a meal with vegetables separately (to save time), so I want to know of any downsides before I replace some of the solid veggies in my diet with "liquid" veggies.

Thanks for reading,

Erratic Beast


You should call up your professor for clarification.

I don't think it would be an issue as long as you didn't let it sit out for days on end in heat and sunlight.


Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, that was a year ago, so I don't think I can really get a hold of her... it's just something I vaguely remember. I think she was referring to the fact that store bought smoothies are deceptive in their "nutritious" nature, but I just want to be 100% sure about it.

Once I think about it though, it's probably the same as soup where the nutritional value is retained (if I remember correctly).


Instead of mixing the food together in your mouth and stomach, you are mixing the food together in your blender. You'll probably absorb more nutrients because the veggies are mashed up even more then when chewing


Why wouldn't you use something like Superfoods in your shake?


I wouldn't worry about it.


Why not add some fish-heads in thurr for fish oil? Mmmmmmmmmmhhhhh tasty!


Alright, thanks for the advice folks - I'm just not gonna worry about it. And I'll look into Superfood, even though I think the way I'm doing it will be cheaper.


There are similar products in the market like Superfoods. I just think the opportunity to have a collective use of multiple fruits, veggies and berries in a single spoon is hard to pass up. And this is in addition to the fruits/veggies and berries you should be consuming. Anyway, whatever works for you.