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Veggies! (in a shake!)

I just read one of JMB’s Appetite for Construction columns (the one in the new paper T-mag). In it, he suggested for those who have a hard time fitting vegetables into their schedule, to make a “homemade V-8” by dumping all sorts of vegetables into a food processor to make a veggie shake. Has anyone tried this? A few questions…

  1. What kinds of vegetables should I use, both for health benefits and taste benefits? I’m already thinking tomatoes, carrots, something green (maybe broccoli). What else?

  2. Mr. Berardi mentioned adding salt, pepper, and spices. What kind of spices would I put in?

  3. I don’t have a food processor, but I could buy one. Would a regular blender work for this?

I’d love to hear from some of the resident chefs on this one, as well as you, Mr. Berardi, if you’re out there.

Just a recommendation for what kind of mixer to use. I have one of those hand-mixer things and it works awesome. I doubt that a blender would work as well as that.

As far as spices go, that’s up to you. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc. I would imagine you’re going to have to play with a few recipes before you find something you really like the taste of.

Though this sounds wierd, I know of a bodybuilder who puts broccoli in his whey protein shakes. He says it actually gives the shake a nutty flavour and tastes very good. I havn’t tried it yet but you might want to give it a go!

I’ve used everything at one time or another. Experiment. What’s the worst that can happen?

I should add that brocolli does give a nutty flavor and goes well with peanut butter in your shakes. A regular blender will leave a lot to be desired if you plan on adding carrots, but most things can be tossed into a regular blender.

Thanks for the replies so far. Any tips on which veggies offer the most important nutritional benefits?

I like to use the Garden of Life USA products, they have both fruit and vegetable concentrates in powder form w/ the minerals, vitamins, phytos all preserved. I usually mix a serving (2 tbls) in a half-cup of juice in the AM. (The company claims 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables in 2 tablespoons.) You pay for the convenience though, about $50 for 30 servings if you pay retail. About $35 if you shop around the net. The company also has one of the few probiotic formulas (Primal Defense) that actually reaches the gut intact. I would encourage you to try it.