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Veggies in a blender

I have just realised I have little or no vegetable intake in my daily meal plan. Attempting to juggle work and education means most of my meals are blended and I was just wondering if you can do the same with vegetables and if so do they keep all their goodness and enzymes when blended. I know veggies are low GI so I was also wondering if they could be included in a P+F meal, thanks.

My suggestion: Most veggies can be made portable. Carry. Eat. Raw.

Dr. Mercola recommends people eat juiced veggies and they’re just as healthy as the real thing although easier to consume. If you’re going to do that though you might as well get a good juicer rather then trying to juice your veggies in a blender.

I once read that using a juicer you will lose alot of the fiber content. But w/ a blender, you don’t toss anything away. Maybe you meant a food processor which is almost like a blender. Anyhow loss of fiber will change GI