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Veggies, Fruit and Fiber


as of now my diet barely consists of green beans, apples, bananas and salads. what other fruits and vegetables and other foods should i incorporate into my diet that i can add to meals or have for snacks? any help would be appreciated. ill eat any fruit, i hate peas. i thkn ill eat anything else though as long as its not feces.


are you bulking, cutting or just kind of chilln?

if you are cutting i would avoid high GI fruits, like grapes for ex.

if bulking.......... everything.

I would make sure you are getting something from the citrus family to get plenty of your vitamin C.
avocadoes to get some good vegetable fat.
berry family(blueberries for ex), to get some strong antioxidants.
Anything from the brassicae family(broccoli for ex).
Your Cruciferous vegetables - spinach is a great one.

dude you really can't go wrong with any of the fruits man. Unless you go excessively overboard with them, some can be pretty high GI which may hinder an extreme cutting phase.


im cutting, i have a log posted in this forum. thanks for the help.


Best thing to do is simply add a new fruit and new veggie each week. you right now are VERY limited in your choices. Try them all slowly nd you find a ton that you like.


Brocolli and Cauliflower kick ass. Carrots are good too.

As for fruit- eat any fruit you want. GI be damned. Most fruits have such a low GL that it isn't a concern. It's all about portion control.


Id watch the carrots and any tuber pretty darn hi GI/II. Worse when cooked. But in low amounts raw OK. If not cutting eat up.


Mangoes, peaches, oranges, berries - basically go for the stuff that has a lot of color, it usually means it's higher in nutrients and anti-oxidants.

For vegetables, broccoli, spinach, peppers, carrots, and tomatoes are all great. Just play around and see what you like.


Fibre is overrated: