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Veggies & Carb Counts on the AD


Let's get the real tally of you mofo's on this subject.

            Now you all know that there are still carbs to be counted after fiber is discounted on most veggies....having said that, a great number of guys don't count them at all, whatsoever....personally I find it's much easier that way, but not sure about it still after some time...

           So, for the record, How many AD vets count the leftover carbs after fiber discount from their veggies, and how many DON'T count them at all?

             And tell me why you don't feel they will put you over the limit if indeed the numbers would indicate that they do...

        Who's got the balls to justify this shit with a reasonable arguement?



I do. I keep my CHO before veggies at a pretty low level (around 15). That way, I leave room for the ton of veggies I eat. However, I only eat 3 types of veggies: celery, broccoli and green beans. a cup of all three does not have enough carbs to put me near the limit. I do not, however, eat ANY veggies that are not green (especially tomatoes, 5 carbs per tomato).


Carbs are carbs (after fiber is counted/subtracted). Not counting them wont make them go away. Anybody NOT counting the "extra" carbs must surely be aware of thier current carb level and where the extra will put them.

As an aside, I'm not totally convinced that 30 grams is perfect for everyone at all times so a few "spillover" carbs may not affect him/her negatively (out of ketosis).


you shouldn't be in ketosis. When I first started the AD I made the same mistake of thinking I should be turning strips brown. But that isn't the case, the 30 should keep you slightly out of ket.


i have to confess, the last couple days i havent been counting my carbs or calories, ive just been trying to keep a rough estimate mental note but as mentioned 30 isnt set in stone anyway so im not completely worried, not like i had a slice of cake or something.


      Totally agree with you Derek. But I think what's more important than the ketosis matter, which Joey correctly pointed out one isn't in on the AD, is the possibility of getting one out of fat burning mode..which IS possible if you go over by a substantial amount...say upwards of 10 grams or so over the allotted 30g.

             Now Joey has his numbers probably in check due to the 3 types of veggies he's consuming..that's what it takes in my opinion...you pretty much can't eat a shitload of anything even very low carb veggies or you will go over, one cup is a fair amount to eat IMO..to prevent that..celery isn't even counted by the good Dr.DiPasquale...he states that it is a "free" food.

           Myself I enjoy broccoli, red leaf lettuce, and celery for my main veggies, with asparagus also.

These just happen to be easy to cook, get, etc...

          Again though I try to eat just 100g of brocc at a shot...otherwise it will add up just like anything else. So Joey I'm looking for the guys who DON'T COUNT THE VEGGIES AT ALL...You do sound like you're paying attention to the count...so you don't count...lol..

            Anyway, there ARE quite a few vets that don't and I want to  hear from you guys on this...It would be easy to not count them...too easy imo..

         so prove me wrong, no one has yet to my knowledge. There are still a bunch of guys walking around that thread on the AD who don't even count the fiber correctly according to Dr.D. As in the soluble is only half discounted, where the insoluble is fully discounted..

           So have at it you veteran studs of the AD.

     Where are you guys at?



I never counted them, but I ate almost no carbs during the AD.

A few carbs PWO and almost none until I went to bed, I had whatever was in my flavored protein.

Came in at <20 usually.

I wouldn't worry that much about spillover.

Don't sweat the small shit.


Ghost, what do you mean, no veggies, nothing?

          I can do that but don't because of the fiber and nutrients from them... what exactly did you ingest for your carbs... I can do around 20-30 with veggies and shit like flax, unsweetened cocoa. and the little that you occasionally encounter through some of the cheeses, and a gram here and there in some foods..



i heard youre allotted more carbs as your overall caloric intake increases so right now im eatling like a tmonster at between 4,000-5,000 calories so i feel even if i do go as high as 40, or even 50 it wouldnt effect me to the same extent, however i do try to keep it low regardless.


       That strategy has occurred to me, and I tend to agree, but not really sold on it for a "fresh" ADer..relatively speaking, Mauro indicates not to fool too much until some time on the AD, and there is some conflicting chit chat on this...so I'm not entirely sure about it.

            thanks 781,


ive only read the original AD book which says to stick to 30, but it also says that its not set in stone and also that the longer youre on the AD the more of a carb tolerance you seem to develop in terms of being able to eat more carbs and have it not throw you off.

i hope that going above 30 wont affect me, because im eating so damn much that its extrememely difficult not to get close to that much very early in the day.

is there a way to tell if your body did make the switch back to carb reliancy?


             That is the million dollar question, and agree with your other points...Let's include that question in addition to the veggie count vs. no count towards CHO consumption, as that has long been a concern of mine...

          There doesn't seem to be any way of REALLY KNOWING if you're out of adaptation or not..until you are far off of it and gaining blubber like a whale.

                  Thanks for bringing that up bro.
       p.s. I have some goodies for you my man...check your pm shortly.


Ive recently started, been counting all carbs anywhere, everywhere.

regarding earlier post about ketosis, I think that mauro means 'not in ketosis' to mean that the body IS running on ketones for fuel, but is doing it efficiently - ketosis being when it is non-efficient and they are being excreted. I could be way off base but I've seen a lot of discussion and 'in ketosis out of ketosis' arguments though I'd add my 2c.


      No bro, he's definitely against being in ketosis...you need to be burning fatty acids for fuel.

               good to have you on the AD train.