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Veggies and Cutting

For those of you who are cutting…

With each feeding opportunity, what does your vegetable consumption consist of, and what’s been most effective for you? Ex: eating more broccoli than peppers, or something like that

Most effective Eating a ton of them in variety. Just steer clear of the dense and Hi GI stuff potatoes, etc. Eat broc., cauli, asparagus, cabbage, zucchini, onion, peppers, lettuce’s, green beans. hell most of them.

you dont have to steer clear of potatoes, just dont eat fried potatoes, a banked or boiled potatoe is fine (just one) with a meal, especially a pre or post workout meal. if you eat a high GI food and a low GI food the meal turns into a medium gi meal so it all pans out

Yo man.

Anyway, pay attention, if cutting hard, that eating a lot of veggies (as I do) makes your belly “blurred”.

But I’m speaking of more than 2kg of veggies a day…hehehe.