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Veggie to turn to flesh?

stats - 6.2, 210lbs, 8%bf. Diet consisting mainly of eggs (6 a day), peanut butter, cottage cheese, yogert, milk etc. I’m 20 and thanks to the prices of accomadation in the shitty south of England i’m stuck at home with the olds. My parents aren’t vegens or religious but what they don’t know can’t hurt them and I can just imagine what the old man would say if I loaded up his fridge with a load of steak, i’d never hear the end of it.

It’s funny beacuse the phrase ‘you need steak to grow’ is thrown around like a baseball on this site so it’s hard to disreguard it. My main problem is I don’t feel i’m getting enough good wholesome food eating diary and blended shakes and the idea of just shoving a steak in the formann grill for 5 mins just sounds so damn easy.

I’m not expecting miracles but I want to cover all the nutritional bases and it’s like what the other guy said in that I should expereiment with food beacuse I eventually want to be a personal trainer. Nutrition is my weakness in this game and somedays I miss meals with just the thought of them so my progress has been limited but I know I could be damn good if I nailed my diet.