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Veggie Losing Weight

hey i am 16 stone or 228 pounds if you prefer to work it out that way,

i am 16 years old i weight lift and go the the gym at least 3-5 times a week,
i mainly do weight training but i have started on cardio and muscle toning exercise,

the other day a friend said to me “hey frank why tone all that muscle if you are covering it with some fat”

i replied “i don’t know it just seems like a good idea”

so as you see i really need some help in losing weight,

i am a vegetarian but i might be willing to eat chicken if it helps,

i have protein shake and creatine handy just encase a diet requires it (although i know creatine is not used as diet supplement)
i am willing to work as hard as i need to and prefer the bike and rowing machine as my cardio work out,

is there a good diet plan any one knows for a veggie like me,

some thing that really burns fat not just a low calorie intake diet i have tried them i lost 8 pounds then stopped,

any one know any foods that can help make my metabolism faster or any exercise that will really help me,

i am also getting into boxing so if it is an exorcise that will be good for boxing also that would be great,

im sorry about my spelling and the text layout i have dyspraxia im shit with words haha,
i appreciate the help thanks

Look up the Velocity Diet