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Veggie Combinations

I am looking into combining grain/nut/legume into full branch chains for protein. I have found loads of combinations (lentils and oats is my favourite at the moment, ends up like a savoury pottage). However vegetarian don’t seem to mention if you sum the protein from each source or divide. To clarify here’s an example:

Total Protein:

100g lentils + 50g oats = 26g + 6g = 32g protein

100g lentils + 50g oats = 6 + 6 = 12g protein

100g lentils + 50g oats = 6/2 + 6/2 = 6g protein

As you can see option (A) assumes that the amino acids to combine to create a larger more complete chain so you get more protein. Option (B) assumes that since the Oats only have 6g protein only 6g of protein can be utilised from the lentils to create a larger chain. Option © assumes that rather summation the aminos “interweave” so in fact you only get 6g of “full” protein.

I am not a veggie. I normally have 1-2 scopes of whey, 1 fish and 1 chicken/mince portion a day so I am getting full branch chains elsewhere. I was just wondering how to process vegetarian combinations. A definitive, rather than a “I would assume that…” or a “I think it’s most probably…” answer, would be nice.