Veggie Bodybuilding?

Here is an interesting article that I cam across on vegetarian weightlifting: mahler_weightlift.htm

That’s T-mag’s own Mike Mahler!

If that’s what being a vegan makes you look like, I’ll stay a carnivore.

Hey glad to see some people are reading the article. Thanks for the positive comments Rich!

you know i was thinking the exact opposite.mike you’ll be hearing from me.

I’m just curious if you are a vegan for health or moral reasons?

I am a vegan for moral reasons. Thanks for the feedback.

Mike: My girlfriend is a vegan for the same reasons as you. I commend your idealism… However, her daily protein intake is suffering immensely. (she refuses to swallow ;)) Literally her only protein source is from milk in her (goddam) cereal in the mornings. Her parent’s raised her on a very limited (and bland as shit, eew you oughta taste her mother’s cookin’ it makes weider shakes taste good!) as she only really eat homemade Sicilian food. Mostly bland homemade pizza, bland sauce, bland potatoes, bland, uh, yes, well you get the drift. so now she’s traumatized when it comes to eating new types of food. EXCEPT if it’s meat free, she’s willing to try anything vegan. So any links you might have for good protein rich low car vegan meals would be immensely appreciated.

Mike, lookin good, an interesting read, my wife once worked for a vet who was a vegan (man that sounds pathetic like one of those statements “I have lots of black friends”). Jim K I think you mean your girlfriend is vegeterian unless the milk she uses is soy as vegans don’t consume meat or dairy products.

Oops, forgot to ask how often you change your routine? I remember in your t-mag article you were doing only body weight stuff (hindu squatts etc). Didn’t you dabble with renegade training for a while as well?

Hyphnz: Yea, she drinks soy milk all right. Though I’d rather drink my own urine like 3 million Chinese do every day…