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Are there any vegetrians here in this forum? I’m thinking of going vegetarian-to what extent or level I’m not sure. I currently do not drink milk and avoid beef and pork. I am disgusted by the treatment of animals and the environment by “big” agriculture, and feel its time to make a change. I’d love to hear from vegetarians, what kind of results have you had (relating to working out), where do you get your protein from, your favorite foods. Also, what kind of vegetarian are you (vegan, ovo-lacto, etc) and why?

I was going to say something but i dont have time because i have to go heat up my George Foreman grill.

Do a google search on Mr. International, Andreas Cahling, who is ovo-lacto. Also, search on Bill Pearl, a former Mr. America, Universe, etc., who is also ovo-lacto. Bill has his own URL.

If you are really concerned about "big agriculture ", I hope you are including, fruit and vegetable growers also, because they are just as bad as any large scale meat farmer.

I can’t tell you loud enough not to go veg.!! I was a veg. for about two years and still worked out heavy. I screwed my hormonal system so badly I’m still recovering and it’s been over a year!! Trust soy sucks and thats where you would have to get a lot of your protein. On a side note my wife was also a veg. she also lifts heavy and she wasn’t getting enough protein in and started losing her hair. Needless to say we enjoy our meat now. If you decide to go veg. you should probably stop lifting, seriously! As for animals try to eat organic meat. It’s more expensive but worth the money. And just remember the org.'s that tell about the mistreatment of animals are showing you the worst of the worst and they have there own agenda to push; don’t believe everything you hear or see. Good luck.

I have been a strict vegetarian for many years and have done fine. Similar to what you are saying, I am an ethical vegetarian. Email me at mahler25@yahoo.com and I will send you some articles that I wrote.

Mike Mahler

I’ve also been a vegetarian when i was younger. I’m not trying to talk you out of it but please don’t do this thinking it is healthier, it’s not. If your doing it for moral reasons then be my guest, it’s your health anyway.

All i ask you is to read this and think carefully about what you’re doing:

http://www.mercola.com/2000/apr/ 2/vegetarian_myths.htm

http://www.mercola.com/ 2002/jan/19/vegetarianism_safe.htm

Delete blanck spaces if necessary.

You “feel its time to make a change”? One person or group of people won’t stop America’s consumer-driven economy. Microsoft offers shit-products at too high prices, but millions of people buy them and Microsoft will continue to be a huge corporation wheter or not I decide to only manage Red Hat and straight-up Unix servers for my career and set up Unix-based clients. But if you are going to go veg, Mike Mahler (sp) is a good person for advice.

Like any god dog I do not eat other dogs, I eat fish however. Sardines and small fish are your best bet due to mercury polution, and Pacific fish if you are on the west coast. Atlantic is just way to dirty even for a dog. All said and done Grow, organic eggs, fish and pussy are my major source of protein.You can also include tempeh and miso since they are fermented and will not impact your test in a negative way. If it was good enough for Einstain and Bill Pearl it’s good enough for you and me. Educate yourself and Good luck

Well, I’ll you what. I just got put on a vegatarian diet to “cleanse” me of candida and toxins. The only thing its cleansing is my energy…

You won’t have any problems being lacto-vegetarian and getting big and strong. It would be harder to be a vegan though. Use free range eggs and drink milk and its by-products for protein/calories. From an ethical perspective, I’d reckon that you’re actually doing the world a service by supporting free range farms and getting eating a diet rich enough in protein to make it feasable to eat this way in the long term. Best of luck.

How can you become a vegetarian for “ethical” reasons and still consume eggs and drink milk. Chicken and dairy farms are just as guilty of mistreating animals as any beef or pork farm. I don’t know of any successful bodybuilders that were pure vegans. If Mike Mahler is a true vegan then I would be interested in seeing his results. I would also be interested to know if he’s using whey or casein products as protein supplements cuz we all know where they came from. Can’t claim you’re a vegan if you’re using them either.

First of all, I should have started out by saying that I do eat fish and will continue to do so. I will probably also eat organic beef and chicken once in a while. So I’m not really worried about protein. Plus I’m a big man and I’m not worried about becoming a wimpy “girly man” whom Hans and Franz would make fun of.
Mike M- I just discovered your articles on vegsource.com. Were those the ones you were going to email me? Let me know, cuz if not I’ll write to you.
Vman-thanks for the advice. I know CLarence Bass is vegetarian too. I’ll check those sites out.
ko-Perhaps, but they aren’t mistreating live animals, now are they? I’m not one of those militant dudes that has all the statistics memorized, so I won’t debate this any further. I will say big business in general, no matter the industry, gets away with murder, screws the working man, and destroys the environment.
Clintpatty- A PERSONAL change, a PERSONAL chahge. Not a political movement.
JohnnyBlaze-I’m sorry to hear that. What is candida? Forgive my ignorance. ALso, off the top of my head, could the lack of energy be related to too many processed carbs, like white bread, white rice and pasta with not enough fresh fruit,veggies, beans and complex carbs?
Any other vegetarians want to make their voices heard? Thanks to all those who have already responded, i appreciate it.

Care to elaborate on the dirty fish from the east coast? That’s news to me. Atlantic salmon is awesome.

I was a veg for ten years. When I stared training I quickly discovered that my diet was lacking. One thing the veg diet did was prime my body to suck up lots of protien when I started back on the meat. Bill Pearl was not always a veg he became a veg after he started. All in all I think vegetarianism is a poor choice.

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater isn’t very productive. The small farmers and ranchers that grow beef, lamb, and pigs the right and ethical way don’t get any support if you just quit eating meat. You also miss out on the nutritive benefits of being carnivorus. Buy a freezer then go looking for beef, or what ever type of meat you prefer for sale. I’ve found them in the classified ads before I met some people that grow them every year. Now I just buy a half a beef from them. I know how they treat the animals and I know what they eat. I’ve seen them get slaughtered and processed. It’s the way it should be done. No overcrowding, good feed, decent amount of space to walk around (cattle aren’t big on cardio but they do need some room), and a trauma free death.

You could probably get away with being veggie however I would reccomend eating lots of fish instead of red meat. At the end of the day my freind the most effective protein proved by science is whey and if you have lots of eggs,milk,cheese and fish with the whey you won’t even noticed you changed. One thing though do not go vegen that will turn you into a P.O.W of ten years!

Underdoglady to Shitdisturber
It’s not that the fish are dirty, Atlantic ocean is just so much more poluted especially with mecury, so you’ll be better of with Pacific fish. But with the name like yours clean water must not be your biggest concern.

I don’t know where you’re getting this info but it is totally wrong. I’m from the east coast of Canada and I can tell you that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I’ve been eating east coast fish all my life. It pisses me off when I hear people spreading crap like this. Please tell me where you got this info, or did you just hear it. It sounds like a case of “they say” to me. I guess you don’t know that Lobster,Mussels,Scallops and Atlantic Salmon are shipped all over the world. Where are you from BTW? Maybe you should go to east coast and see just how clean the water is. One can swim anywhere and not worry. Where’s all this Mercury coming from? Are you one of those teehuger types? WTF is that crack about my name supposed to mean anyway? Atlantic fish not good enough for a dog. What does that say about the people that live there. Do you think they are too stupid to know better? If any of this crap you say were true would anybody eat our fish? Am I pissed? Fuck yeah. Fucking arrogant attitude you have.

“I am disgusted by the treatment of animals and the environment by “big” agriculture” now since you said “and the environment” I was just wondering how you posted on this web site? I would guess that your computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc… are made of plastic. What are you trying to do? destroy our environment? I also hope you don’t have any leather goods, use no products that are tested on animals, I am sure you don’t use any supps because most are based on studdies done on animals. you want to go veg. because you THINk it is healthier? fine. but don’t give me any “ethical” crap. hell I’m a reverend and I don’t use the ethical shit as much as some of the jerks on web sites