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Vegetarianism and T-Levels


I've been a vegetarian for about 5 years now. Started in the 8th grade, I'm now a freshman in college. I've noticed what seems to be less development and less "man" behavior. I was never prone to rage, but I've become almost too docile. Just finished an Alpha Male regimen, can't say I saw results, except that it woke me up, got me energized. I've read Soy may or may not cause T-Levels to decline. I dont know much on the subject, so advice would be great.


You've realized that your diet is insufficient. You admit this. However, you are asking the wrong questions about your diet.

It will probably be a while until you're able to understand this, but the missing element from you diet is meat, not soy or anything else.


Can you eat eggs? What about diary?


There are a lot of things that can affect low T-levels. Too much cardio, not eating enough food, too much soy, smoking weed, not eating enough fat, being sedentary.

If you don't already, start lifting weights. Reduce the cardio, dramatically. When I was running a lot a couple years ago my t-levels dropped terribly, stopped running and it came right back up. Try to reduce the soy, and replace it with other protein sources. Maybe get a whey or casein supplement? Biotest sells Low-Carb Metabolic Drive which is a supp to take in between meals to get some extra protein in your diet instead of soy. Obviously you can't eat meat, but as others have mentioned red meat has a large impact on t-levels. Try full fat milk if you can have dairy products.

Alpha Male will help, but I've read that it takes about a month or so to start really taking affect. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and I have just started noticing a major difference.


why are you a vegertarian?


Diets low in saturated fats can contribute to low testosterone levels.



It's difficult to get enough fats on a veg. diet. And if you're anything like the typical American vegetarian, you eat far too much (and by too much I mean pretty much any) soy-based food-product.

Recommendation #1) Eat meat.

Recommendation #2) If your arbitrary sense of morals won't allow you to eat meat, eat lots of eggs and "good" cheese.

Recommendation #3) In any case, make the effort to cut soy from your life. There are a number of good "vegan" alternatives to soy-based protein.


Alright let's see how much I can respond to.

I have cut cardio a lot, I was a state 800m runner in HS so I did rack up the mileage there, which I could imagine contributed to low T.
I don't smoke weed or drink alcohol, so those are non factors.
I do supplement my diet with protein, lots of whey protein. Which would be deemed good cheeses?
I eat eggs whe\never possible, so that's no problem

As far as fats go, that might be the missing thing. I'm sure you guys know what Im talking about when I say its impossible to eat as often or as well as you'd like in college, which was I bought the T-boost in the first place. With classes and other things in the way, the first two weeks i was lucky to eat 3 meals a day. Dropped weight, etc. Im good now, but the eating is a killer. I have tons of peanut butter and jelly in the firdge now, so i can get that in whenever i need.
As for soy, I have really stopped eating it where possible. Back on regular milk, regular cheese, only soy is coming from like being mixed into other dishes.

Just added info, if it helps. I will say I definetly noticed the T-boost at the end of the cycle.
If I understood everything, my main concerns right now should be Fats and getting enough nutrients yea?


You did not answer the question about why you are a vegetarian.

Unless you are a vegetarian for religious reasons cut that shit out.

And yes soy is extremely bad for you stop eating it.


Not vegetarian for religous reasons. Not going to "cut that shit out".


What is the reason then?


How much protein are you eating per day? How much fat? (I don't need to know it down to the last gram but +-50 grams or so would be nice.) If you're too lazy to do the protein math, how many eggs and how many liters of milk do you get per day?

Do you make progress in the gym?

Frying 8 eggs takes almost no time at all. Some don't even do that, they just drink em. A friend of mine brings out a quart of milk during his lectures and drinks it. I used to do that as a very cheap first lunch. You have time to eat, you just don't realize it.


Interested as to why you are a vegetarian? I assume you believe it is better for you or maybe the environment.


You're confusing cause and effect. You're not docile and less developed because you're a vegetarian, you were attracted to vegetarianism because you're docile and exhibit less "man" behavior.

It's going to take more than a supplement to get you acting like a man. If you don't want to put in the work, that's OK. The world needs omega males, too.


You still didn't answer the question.

Why help you if won't give up some background info?


Bob Green the trainer on The Biggest Loser is a vegetarian. He is the peak of manliness that you can aspire to.

Good luck!


Vegans/ vegatarians associate flesh intake with colon cancer, i suggested eggs to a close vegan friend of mine, he says they give him gas, i said what about your soy bomb farts that wake you up out of a dead sleep at night. I know a vegan chick that will sometimes binge on fried chicken,ice cream, whatever, and will go give herself a colonix right after (she worked in a place that gave em) crazy! I guess it's better than sticking a finger down your throat.




If you're going to stick to your vegetarian diet, be prepared to put in the extra work required to have your diet complete. I've been a vegetarian for the past year and greatly enjoy the health benefits and I also know I've never been stronger on many pf my lifts. That being said, I can attribute a lot of this to being just that more meticulous about my diet. Learn to love kidney beans almost every single day and stay away from the soy, even as a vegetarian I think that shit is gross.

"There are also high testosterone food items that are not considered meats. Beans are an ideal part of the testosterone increasing diet with their high zinc content. Nuts are also high in zinc and are a good dietary inclusion. In the grains family, whole grains and fortified cereals are very high in zinc and therefore are good choices." Lifted that from an article by Dan Ho, while the guy looks like a twig I have seen multiple accounts of this information so its probably legit.