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Vegetarian Strength Coaches


I notice lately that there are many strength coaches who have ate meat at one time in their life and now are vegetarians. Usually when a few or many SCs agree on something it usually means something. What do you guys think?

Example: Craig Ballintyne, Alwyn Cosgrove, Jason Feruggia, Robert Dos, etc..


I believe that this question should much rather be answered by Christian Thibs, seeing as he obviously has knowledge on the subject and would be able to have a first hand experience on opinions, and, beliefs for such lifestyle changes.


So just because strength coaches eat vegetarian that we should follow in their foot steps. Cause what they do must be right...

It's different eating life style that one wants to pursue. I for one am a meatetarian.


They are strength caches not nutritionist. If you don't feel like eating meat is beneficial that's all fine & dandy. Personally I prefer mine rare.


Cosgrove only tried a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle to see how manageable it was. He never wanted to commit to it for any major period of time. I think he's back to eating meat by now.


I'm a vegetarian and bodybuild. However, I don't really see how going vegetarian helps bbing much, I'm this way for other reasons. Being veggie has some benefits, but in reality a few pounds of steak daily is probably one of the best things you could eat to add mass.


I married an almost vegetarian, and tried to eat like her for a while. I felt all detached from everything, and lost a good deal of weight (probably increased water and fiber, and less fat.) I admire vegetarians, but, man, I sure can't do it.