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Vegetarian Snacks for College?


Hey people , a friend of mine is going into collage and since she wont have time to train is asking what she can munch on during the day without putting on weight , keep in mind each day is between 9-10 hours of study. and also she is a vegetarian. any ideas?



What are you expecting to hear? Unless she stays on a low calorie diet, has a good metabolism or a combination of the two, she will put on weight sitting around all day. She is compounding the problem with no meat consumption.

The only real suggestion you can give her is to make time for the gym.


Ha, this is probably the worst forum on the entire interwebz to ask a question like this.

Now, if she were looking to get hyyyuuuuuggggeeeeeeeee, on the other hand........


Well there is no real answer except vegetables.

Even something like nuts would be a problem because they are extremely calorie packed which for someone who is sedentary matters.


Hard boiled eggs (not just egg whites), fruit, vegetables, smoothies with protein powder (water, ice, handful of fruit, scoop of protein blended in something like a magic bullet, tossed in a thermos).

It's a pretty vague question, so yeah, there's not much to toss back at 'ya. The "without putting on weight" thing will have just as much to do with what she eats during meals as it does what she snacks on.

Does she usually train, but is putting the gym on the back burner due to studying? That's another factor.


Bubble gum



Saw that on a Canadian show last night.


Right on! It's pretty simple. She's a vegetarian, so veggies and fruit, nuts in moderation, maybe a bar and she can always bring her protein powder (rice/pea/hemp I imagine) in a ziploc baggie and throw it into a shaker cup with water during the day.
9 hours is a long time, so she still needs to be eating pretty consistently or her metabolism is gonna crawl.


A can of Skoal, or Grizzly-- its a little cheaper.


Skoal is N A S T Y!!!!


You have more time available in college then you ever will again. If you can't make time to train there, good luck being fat for the rest of your life.


For undergrad and assuming that you're not one of a select few majors or at a select few schools, this is true. But the OP didn't specify whether the person was attending ugrad or grad school.


As far as majors, I studied physics-- and I got strong in college. Also, one of the physics grad students also trained hard as hell, he trained middle of the day when he had an hour or so break.

Its simply whether you make time or not.


I understand where you're/she's coming from.. but i'm a full-time student, and i work 20-23 hours a week... I still manage to make it to the gym 5-6 times a week. She doesn't need hour/2 hour long sessions to stay in shape.

Introduce her to HIIT training. No sympathy here, if she wants to stay in shape, gotta make the time, and i guarantee she's got the time. there are guys on here getting their MD's and they're jacked out of their minds, let alone being in shape..


There's some nice V-Life cookies in the Healthy Solid Meals forum that are very handy if you are unable to prepare a proper meal for a while.



It's not simply whether you make time or not for everyone. I'm not talking about myself, but I'm just saying that I do know people for whom they wouldn't have time to go to the gym, get dressed, work out for an hour, shower, then go home and such. I'm a law student, so I'm thinking of people I know who have kids and such, but there are also, e.g., med school interns, sometimes architecture students, etc, who--I'd venture to say--literally wouldn't have the time to do any sort of regular routine.

That said, it is whether they "make time or not" in the sense that they made the choices that got them there. No offense, but majoring in physics doesn't mean much to me. It's not difficult subjects that are worrisome; instead, it's the major/course of study itself having a large facetime component that becomes problematic for some.


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I disagree. she should chew trident because of the xylitol which helps to prevent cavities. I'm sure Professor X will back my up on this.

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wow. I never thought of that. She really needs Trident bubble gum...