Vegetarian Propaganda

So I am sitting in the lobby of my dorm and look over at the bulletin board, and a big banner across the top says “How to Win an Arguement with a meat eater” and it gave all this bullshit about how bad it is to eat meat, and different arguements, like the cholesterol, the environmental, and some other crap. I just wanted everyone’s advice and input on my bulletin board idea on “How to win an argument with a pussy vegetarin”

Not all vegetarians are “pussies”. Conversely, not all meat eaters are “bad asses”. A pertinent question to as at this point is “Why do you care what other people eat?” Personally, vegetarians make me happy because I know that they won’t bogart my sandwich. Excuse me, I have a pile of roast beef to go gnaw on.

One word of advice, don’t get into arguments with a vegetarian, it’s not worth it, nothing good will come out of it. I’ve been a vegetarian, and i had tons of arguments with meat eaters at that time and i never listened to a word they said. You’re just going to drain your energies in a pointless argument.

Anyway, is a good place to find info on that subject.

If God didn’t intend us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?

dude, if you’re buff, just stand next to the sign in a pair of underwear with a hat saying “I’m obviously not a vegetarian”

John Cleese is a genius, no?

…and if God, or nature, did not intend us to eat meat, then why the hell do we have incisors??? To eat celery?

Oh my god! I work in a University. In the Theater Arts Department (Office Manager), and I"m SURROUNDED by vegans. Soy eating vegans. Scary. I’m VERY scared.

Anyways, one of my student workers is a vegan. I'm always bringin' in nice big chunks of RED MEAT and chowin' down at my desk happily as any carnivour while he's working.

But I did get another student worker's boyfriend to stop drinking Soy. By telling her that his dick is gonna fall off if her boyfriend continues. I was kidding - but it kinda put her in a panic. I'm soooooo mean....he he he.

I saw a veg on MTV once explaining that he fed his dog only a veg diet because dogs are “natural vegetarians”. So really, with logic like that, there’s no arguing with them. BTW, the beyondveg site is very good.

did anyone see that southpark episode a couple weeks back where Kyle started growing vaginas all over his body because he stopped eating meet. then they pumped some meet through his blood at the end and he became normal again and the doctor commented on how it was a close call and if he hadn’t gotten some meat he eventually would have just turned into a huge pussy. man, that was some funny shit. i’m starting to really like that show considering that episode and the one where all they did was make fun of Jared from subway.

Walk up to the bulletin board and nail a big fat porterhouse to it.

Tell you what you do BuffPac. Instead of nailing a big steak to the board, find one of those vegetarians and nail them to the damn board, then eat the steak, and if your still not full, eat the vegetarian…start with that kid who lives on the 5th floor.

buffpac–do you go to CU-boulder? i do, and i eat at the umc (student center) and get some nasty-ass looks when i eat ground beef. its not so bad when i eat chicken, but the ground beef sends some of the rabbits up the wall.
patricia-- i understand about the soy. in boulder, soy and brussel sprouts are the main source of nutrition for the hippies. (oh and beer and pizza for the greeks.) i think we’ve had talked about this before, but its nice to know that someone else feels my ‘pain’.

Hey, dont mess with my brussel sprouts!! Don’t even put them in the same sentence as soy! lol

Tell them to watch out for Vaginitis. If they don’t eat any meat at all, they’ll develop lacerations all over, which are actually little vaginas. If allowed to progress, they’ll eventually just turn into one big, giant pussy.

Ask them how much iron can actually be absorbed from “non heme” iron sources such as spinach, less than 10% even when combining 2 or more foods. What about the protein bio-availability? Animals are ready made sources of protein & minerals. A recent diet analysis showed high levels of phosphorus, magnesium and other essential bone, blood and muscle assisting minerals. Going through my diet i discovered they all came from red meat. I actually had to substitute some red meat meals with white and avoided proccessed ham to manage them. Find a food/diet analysis program on the web. There is one thats relatively cheap and helped me out. Ask them if olympic athletes survive on plant alone? Sedentary people can but not elite athletes.

Funny story-I work at a university too, and at an employee orientation session last semester this one girl eyeballed my pony tail and beard and sized me up right away-“He’s one of us,” I could see her thinking. See, this girl is a hard-core veggie. She even feels guilt about killing PLANTS for food because of the trauma inflicted. Anyway, at lunch, I sat down in the middle of the cafeteria table with my tray, and she looked on in horror as I shoved slice after slice of dripping roast beef into my face. At one point-just for effect-I shook my head like a damn wild dog and a big piece of flesh stuck to my cheek. She hasn’t spoken to me since-heh. :slight_smile:

See, wasn’t that a lot nicer?

I like the idea about nailing the vegetarian to the wall. I don’t want to get in an arguement with one, cause a friend of mine is a vegetarian and I know it’s useless, I just want some cold hard facts on why people should eat meat!

Hey, why do you have to justify yourself to vegetarians? I mean if you read any philosophy (good, recognized, peer reviewed philosophy) you’ll note that almost all of it is in favor of vegetarianism. The best argument is “Screw you, I like meat.” That being said, I have played National Level Rugby for a couple of consecutive years and took a silver medal in my state martial arts championships…even though I haven’t eaten meat since the age of 15 (I’m 24 now). Dude, eat all the meat you want, most of us don’t really care (the ones who do care are to us what Jehovas Witnesses are to Christians…annoying).