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Vegetarian Powerlifter

I was wondering if any of you has some tips for a beginner vegetarian powerlifter.
I have been to nutritionists and they gave me shitty diets, i am 10kg overweight, i weigh 100kg(x180cm) right now.
Unfortunately because of work i only eat twice a day (breakfast dinner) and right now i am following this self made diet i would like to hear your opinions:

100g oat flakes
300 g mixed fruits
30g almonds
125g yogurt
1liter milk skimmed

1tbs olive oil
400g mixed veggies
200g cottage cheese
4 slices wholemeal bread
An ice cream (around 300kcal)


Need macros and calories boss. Grams of this and that are not helpful.

Obviously eating twice a day is unlikely to be optimal; you are going to have to be bagging 80-100g of protein per feeding with this schedule.

No reason being vegetarian should be a big deal for recovery. The world is your oyster in terms of milk-based protein powders, and with eggs, cottage cheese, milk, greek yogurt, etc., there is plenty to choose from to hit whatever protein number you need to.

Your overall diet setup is a much MUCH bigger limiter for you right now than the absence of meat. I work a demanding job, as do a lot of people on this site and in the world, and I (and they) manage to eat at least one meal a day while at work. If that is truly impossible, and you cannot even so much as sneak some nonperishable food in in a pocket or something, then I guess you’re stuck with the 2 meal a day thing.

Bear in mind, this pattern replicates the way Muslims eat during Ramadan, and they generally note a significant dropoff in mental and physical performance during this period. Take the lesson from that. I’d get to work on finding a way to up feeding frequency to at least 3x/day.

Oh sorry

Macros around
260g carbs, 130g protein, 90g fat
Calories 2300-2400

I can try to drink the 1liter of milk between breakfast and dinner in order to have 3 meals

Are you at least able to get a small protein/carb snack in pre-training? And follow that with a big meal?

The body can adjust to a lot of things. 2 large meals a day plus a pre-training snack, while not the way I’d set things up, is not a deal breaker in terms of getting stronger, particularly if you are untrained and not carrying a ton of lean mass.

I’d also nudge your protein intake up a little bit. 1.8g/kg is the lowest I’d want to go, so find 50 more grams per day. Other than that, just measure and adjust as you go. Only issue presented by the vegetarian diet is a little less protein source variety than non-vegetarians, but I don’t think it will have much impact on how strong you can get.

Personally, I would swap out some dairy for nuts in the AM and add another T of olive oil in the PM for some of the cottage cheese.

Perhaps look at an alternative to some of that bread.

What do you do for a living that limits you like this? Maybe that will help us understand and offer some better advice.

Until we find that out, i am flat out going to say that i find it hard to believe you don’t have 5 minutes during the day to eat something like anything. Your diet obviously provides restrictions for that, but for example someone could eat 5 hardboiled eggs in about 45 seconds. You just have to find what fits what you’re doing.

If want to lose weight cut out the ice cream and eat less fruit -preferably replace with protein, 130g is a bit low

can you eat fish/seafood?

Hi guys,
Could you please recommandet me a some vegetarian meal plan with 3 meals a day to gain weight ? Im very skinny a(80kg-176lbs) and I wanna gain some muscle (ofcourse and fat too). im vegetarian and i beginner in powerlifting and I dont know how and what to eat if i can eat “just” 3 meals a day.
Please help me, thanks. Sorry for my english. Thanks

Meal 1:

6 whole eggs
1 Cup (Uncooked Measure) of Oatmeal
1/4 Cup Almonds

Meal 2:

2 Scoops Whey Protein
1 Large Sweet Potato
1 Piece of fruit (any)
A big salad

Meal 3:

6 whole eggs
2 Cups of Rice (Cooked Measure – white or brown, doesn’t matter)

Then, before bed, throw down 1 cup of cottage cheese and another piece of fruit.

Do this exactly, and you’ll grow. When it stops working, just make the servings larger or fill your pockets with nuts and eat them throughout the day.

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The above post is meant to be a reply to you.

Yeah good advice from Trevor. 3 meals a day is fine.

How tall are you? -80kg is not that bad

Anyway if really "very skinny" then give this a try one day a week…