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Vegetarian Meal Prep

For all my vegetarians and vegans how do you guys/girls meal prep? My wife is vegetarian (does not eat any meat including eggs, and doesn’t drink milk. Will have cheese and yogurt tho) and I’m trying to help her get back into shape.

I figure It would be helpful if I can meal prep for her. The thing is she gets sick of foods if she has them too often so I figured each week I would switch up the meal prep.

But what things can I make in batches that will be good? Any proven recipes or ideas? Any help would be appreciated!

Yogurt is a great neutral/tart flavor and as a medium carries flavors really well. You can use it as a base for all kinds of herb sauces to keep things interesting.

Man so much. Vegetarian you can have the same stuff you would normally just use beans, lentils, chickpeas, tempeh, tofu etc instead of your meat.

For me bulk curries are a great option

I’ll often make a big batch of butter chicken (chicken less) with broccoli, chickpea and lentils. It’s so filling you don’t even need rice with it tbh.

Mixed bean chilli con carne is a great one, and you can eat it alone or put it in burritos

Risotto of all kinds

Moroccan roast pumpkin, sweet potato and chickpea

Asian tofu bowls with rice noodles and bok choy

Man the list goes on haha

Feel free to check my log mate, I’m logging what I eat daily and switching my menu weekly. If there’s anything you want the exact recipe for then shout out but mostly I just wing my recipes once I figure out the ingredients