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Vegetarian Food

Ok, so this is something I’ve struggled with for a while now. Hence, I have turned to T-Mag for help (where else :slight_smile:

Can people suggest what vegetarian foods are good sources of protein. I eat chicken and but not a whole lot and to meet my protein requirements, I rely heavily on dairy products (fat free) and MRPs. They do the job but maybe not very effectively plus MRPs are expensive. If any of you have faced similar problems and can share your experiences, it will be great :slight_smile:


Depends how “vegetarian” you are.

Beans, nuts, seeds

Fish, chicken, seafood

really dark green veggies.


Eat chicken?



I’ve been wondering the same thing lateley…all I know is green leafy stuff (Spinich…raw) and raw nuts (Almonds/Walnuts)…don’t know what else though…

hi, im a vegeterian but i eat chicken and dairy.

wtf is that? uhh, chicken comes from a uhh chicken, and milk and most mrp’s come from a cow that goes moooo!

hey i eat steak, bacon, turkey, chicken fish, etc etc, i guess im a vegeterian too.

he said vegetarian, not vegan.

Ovo-Vegetarian - eats eggs and egg products in addition to veggies

Lacto-Vegetarian - consumes milk and milk products in addition to veggies.

Oco-Lacto-Vegetarian - consumes milk and egg products in addition.

Semi-Vegetarian - consumes no red meat, foul and fish are ok. (Many don’t accept this as actual vegetarianism.)

Vegan - consumes no animal products, including honey. Recent version has people eating only raw foods.

Fruitarians - consumes only fruit and fruit like veggies, plus some nuts and seeds.

Breatharian - The belief that food is unnecessary, and clean pure air is all that is needed. Eating is considered just a bad habit, and would be unnecessary if air was cleaner.

Omnivore - Me.

Twinkiarian - Eats only Hostess based product and pastries.

Beerarian - Patricia.

Cupcakearian - only eats soy-based products.

i dont give a crap about the fancy definitions, if your a vegeterian you eat vegetables, and not meat. if you eat meat you are not a vegeterian.

Classifications be damned, I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t eat meat. :wink:

thanks for the input guys.
Ok so here is the deal. I eat chicken simply if I get marooned on an island off the coast of Antigua…I can atleast survive…get it, dumbass?

And I am not claiming that I am the purest vegetarian or what not. All I am saying is I mostly eat vegetarian food, and prefer to do that.

I guess the list seems like, beans, nuts, eggs, dairy and veggies. Btw, what veggies have are good sources of protein. Thanks to all who gave some meaningful input.

Ike - You’re right, don’t trust that Mike Mahler guy… he’s just taking your money. :slight_smile:

Chints - PM Mike Mahler - he’s extraordinarily helpful and he’s a strict vegan, but look at what his activity level & physique is like - he’s gotta be doing something right! Also, Tempeh is a cultured soy product you might want to look into. From what I understand it is probably the least harmful form of soy. A lot of foodstuffs can vary in their effects on the body dependent on if they are cultured or not - for instance, I can eat cottage cheese, but milk gives me severe dermatitis. From what I’ve gathered, cultured soy is the most beneficial way, with a lot of the soy powders being heavily processed and doing more harm than good. Careful though, since a lot of people are turning up to be soy-sensitive these days (or at least a lot of the people I work with). Another product I use is Seitan, which has something like 22g protein to 2 grams of carbs per serving. Its a wheatgluten type product - doesn’t have any negative effects on me but try it for yourself.


Look up vegan websites for info on protein combining.

The problem with getting protein from vegetable sources is that the proteins in any given food are almost always not complete, thus you have to eat the right foods together to get useful protein. No sense eating a meal with 50g of protein when it’s all useless!

I’m pretty much the exact polar opposite of a vegetarian, but vegan websites are useful, and I try to apply food combining myself so those damn carby foods that sit next to the real meal on the plate are at least useful. :slight_smile:

Why do you have to eat the right foods together? Wouldn’t it be the same thing if you eat one protein containing product in one meal, and ate the complementary protein in the other meal?

[quote]chints wrote:
thanks for the input guys.
Ok so here is the deal. I eat chicken simply if I get marooned on an island off the coast of Antigua…I can atleast survive…get it, dumbass?

Dude, stop talking. You’re making the real vegetarians look stupid.