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vegetarian diet

I live with a religous asian family, which means Im not allowed any meat, fish or eggs in our house whatsoever.
I get most of my protien while Im at work from Chicken and tuna.
The thing is from next month I’ll be quitting work to do a full time home study course to help me progress further in my career.
Im unsure what to do about my diet.
I’ve heard people say that it is hard for vegetarians to have a diet with complete protiens and I haven’t got a clue how I should mix beans, lentils etc to ensure that I get complete protiens in each meal???
Should I cut down on working out, or just stop working out altogether if I’m not going to be providing my body with decent protien???
Could anyone suggest what I should and shouldn’t be eating?

BUy some supps, and sneak out of the house to eat some meat products when you can.

Hi there. Sorry you can’t eat what you want to in your house.

One good combination for getting a quality array of amino acids is the combination of beans and rice. Perhaps black beans and brown rice. I’m not sure about the breakdown of the food relative to black beans as opposed to kidney beans for instance. I would assume that brown rice has more protein than white rice (just intuition, which might be incorrect here).

Soy is really frowned upon but I would think that getting soy in your last meal of the day is better than not getting any protein at all.

Is it possible to sneak in some Whey protein and call it chocolate milk or something?

Are you aloud protien powders or bars? What about bcaa in pill form?

I know this is not ideal but cassin protien powder would probably be of great use to you if you aloud to have the stuff. Hope this helps.

email mike mahler he has written for this mag…

if you can get sups buy some protein

as for foods, milk, cheese, cottage cheese is an excellent source!!!

the soy from tofu wont hurt you especially if it is only for a month

beans are a good source - beans with some natural yogurht and cheese on it mixed with rice is very nasty and will have heaps of protein…

Nuts are a good source too!!!

If you had 500grams of cottage cheese = 60 grams protein

2 litres of milk = 60 grams of protein

some nuts through out the day 5-50 grams depending on how many you ate :slight_smile:

a bean and rice dish with some cheese = 30 grams

and 500 grams of yoghurt = 25 grams

two protein drinks = 60 grams

eggs= 6 grams each

you will be able to get heaps of protein of course if you are not allowed to buy your own food and can only eat whats in their fridge we would have to know what you have access to, and then food combining will become more important…

Eat a variety of beans and grains and you will be okay. Get some almond butter, peanut butter, almonds, nuts, walnuts, pistachios as well. If you can get Rice protein take some of that as well. Send me a message if you have any questions.

Mike Mahler

Vegetarians are the base of my diet.

Nutribiotic makes a protein supplement that is a rice derivative:

You can buy it online or at a healthfood store. There are other non-soy vegtable protein isolates available.