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Vegetarian Diet

I have recently about 1 month became a vegetarian. I eat mostly bean burgers , rice, and veggie burgers with some cheese on toast. anyone have positive opinions (or negative if you like) on a vegetarian lifestyle while lifting. As I have been out of the gym for about 2 months, I have not been taking supplements.
Should I start taking protein shakes , protein bars choclate protein shake and peanut butter. (homemade of course) . I am thinking of adding creatine , CLAs , glutamine , BCCAs?

Totally fine as long as dont turn vegan!

Leucine and good B vitamin complex very benficial for veggies, creatine also. Intraworkout supps/BCAAs always a good idea wether eating meat or not

Try get in a couple whole eggs a day and pretty much unlimited egg whites.
Allowing yourself fish/seafood? If so, get in plenty

Thanks for the reply. I am not going to go vegan, at least not for a while. I still a very small amount of fish.

Yeah, you might need the protein shakes. As a vegan it would be hard for me to get the 360g protein while keeping my carbs under 100g without protein shakes

Lacto-ovo vegetarianism (allowing for eggs and dairy) can be perfectly fine for building muscle and strength. That’s been proven for decades. But anything more animal-free than that and you tend to run into problems getting enough high-quality protein and often getting too many carbs and/or fats, which is why the skinny/skinny-fat vegetarian stereotype is a thing.

Just like with an omnivorous diet, fix your solid food plan before playing around with supplements.


Hey bud,
I’ve been vegetarian for three months now with absolutely no loss in muscle mass or strength. In fact I look better now than I did before and feel way better, no bullshit. I originally went vego to prove to myself that it wouldn’t work but it turned out I was wrong.
Beans of all kinds, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, tempeh, oats, oat milk are all great whole food sources of protein.
At the moment I’m getting 150g protein a day and only having 2 shakes.
Definitely get yourself a vitamin B12 supplement and maybe a vitamin D.
But really just smash leafy greens with most meals and then what I do is eat different coloured veg each meal.
I’m logging what I eat each day (all home cooked) at the moment if you want some ideas.

The thing is, unless you’re living on protein shakes or egg whites, the majority of whole food protein is going to come with a big of carbs, but take advantage of that and train your ass off!

Also combine protein sources because beans or lentils alone won’t have the full amino spectrum.
Quinoa does I think but fuck eating a kilo of that per day haha

Thanks I’ll check your log out for some ideas. I certainly don’t eat enough leafy greens.

I’ve strongly considered going vegetarian or pescetarian for a few years now, and I’ve just started making the changes. There is actually quite a bit of plant based protein source. youtube and pinterest is a god sent for recipes and ideas.

You should definitely go vegan, bro! When I went vegan I started making gains rapidly. I believe all the vegetables I was consuming (2-3lbs a day) helped me recover a lot faster than normal.

There is an article on tnation that talks about how broccoli and cauliflower increase testosterone levels.

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This is a severe understatement. Just took a look at your food log. Three days straight, absolutely zero vegetables. Your diet is shit. Not just shit for a vegetarian, but simply shit. Dude, I’m not sure what your goal is, but really regardless, you need to get it together.

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You can buy vegetarian protein powder online.