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Vegetarian Diet Question

Okay, so this question isn’t EXACTLY about vegetarians, but here goes…

I am trying to gain mass. I am Indian, but I do eat a lot of meat, including but not limited beef, chicken, eggs and fish.

Every once in a while (I’m not very religious so I don’t know the exact dates) I get pressured by my friends and family to celebrate Hindu holidays. A couple of these holidays incorporate not eating meet for a week. If I eat clean (beans, oatmeals, fruits, salads, cheese, milk), can I successfully supplement my diet with whey protein to make up for all that I am missing in the form of meat?

For example, instead of my chicken breast afternoon snack, I would have an apple to fill me up and a scoop of whey to give me ~20 g of protein. Would this work, for the week? Is it unhealthy ?

I would tend to think that this would be okay. The only drawback I can see is that I won’t be getting enough fats during that week, which I can work on by eating a lot of avocados and drinking a lot of milk. Thoughts?

If it’s a few weeks in a year it won’t do your gains any harm. In fact the sudden change might actually aid you somewhat.


eggs are not allowed, i forgot to mention that initially…

Milk,nuts,butter? I saw this documentary about these Indian wrestlers. They pretty much live their whole lives wrestling & they are all vegetarians. They ate mostly milk,nuts,butter & ghee. They even had heavy weights that were tall & jacked probably weight around 270’s. I was really impressed on how they manage to be that weight on a vegetarian diet.