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Vegetarian Diet On Strength


I have read many times in many places that a vegetarian will have lower strength than a meat eater. I am curious as to why this is so. I mean, obviously meat is a superb protein source, but as long as you're getting enough protein to stimulate muscle growth, what difference does it make if if comes from plant or animal sources? I have also read that although vegetarians have less strength, they typically have better muscular endurance. Again, why would this be? I beg forgiveness if this is a total newbie question.


You will need to mix and math a lot of foods to get fuul spectrum of protein to make t complete UNLESS you are a veggie who eats dairy thaten your golden.. Youl still miss the great protein fats etc from beef, salmon etc, but can survivie,

Mix beans and rice thats complete, lots of dairy,

I say do like JB said we should all eat the same as a vegetariabn and add a bunch of meat to it,

Good luck there are a few veg head around that will elp you more.

Latr Phill


Anyone who says vegetarians are weaker than meat eaters have their heads in the sand.I know plenty of strong vegetarian body builders. I see plenty of guys in the gym(meat eaters) that have huge muscles but are weaker than thirteen year old girls.Mix your proteins and you'll be fine.

Soy,hemp,whey,organic milk(don't worry,organic cows don't die and are treated well), and cheese are all great for building muscle.I remember when I lived in China for a few months.While I was abroad I ate very little meat.

Rice,soy,tofu,vegetables,grains,and hemp where my main sources of protein.Like I said,I ate meat,but that was rare.However,I still worked out and while I was there I managed to gain a healthy 9 pounds of muscle.Anyone who says you can't build muscle on rice,soy,hemp,or tofu,or have a "hard time" doing so, doesn't know what they're talking about.


Just make sure you're getting enough vitamin b-12.


add iron to that B12.


meat = creatine

veggies = no creatine


Hahaha! Tell that to all the vegetarian body builders.Did you know that this is the year 2006? Also,did you know that we have the technology to make creatine supplements? Amazing isn't it? Gnc=creatine supplements.


Oh, I eat meat. I was just asking to satisfy my curiosity aboutr whether or not there was any truth to the claim that meat eaters are stronger/vegetarians have more stamina, and if it is true, then why is that so. Cthulhu's post was very helpful in answering this.


the strongest people in the world are all meat eaters...

please show me a vegetarian that has squatted 900 lbs with only knee wraps and a belt...

please show me a vegetarian that has bench pressed 700 lbs in only a t-shirt...

please show me a vegetarian that has deadlifted 900 lbs...

please show me a medal winning olympic weightlifter that doesn't eat meat...


Thats because there are more body builders who eat meat than there are vegetarian body builders.You sound VERY ignorant.Verily,I can't say.Most of those "meat eating body builders" also take steroids you know.There is no study that shows eating meat will make you stonger than eating soy or rice.

I've seen plenty of big guys that could bench 400 pounds get their asses beat by 5' tall asian men in my martial arts class.That means absolutely nothing.I think you are one of the many that have been brain-washed by the diet industry into thinking you have to eat meat to be strong.

Just because they have some big,pretentious body builder making love to a 9oz steak.I'm not saying you shouldn't eat meat,but don't act like it will cure baldness and make you rich.


yeah...I guess it's nothing more than a coincidence...

but, again...please show me ONE vegetarian that can do any of the lifts that I listed above...

so what...I've seen 5' tall asian men getting their ass beat by guys that can bench press 400 lbs...

it means absolutely nothing because fighting skills wasn't the question dumbass...

you don't have to eat meat to get strong...it just helps a hell of a lot...

meat is a much better source of protein than soy for someone trying to get strong...

again...you're rambling incoherent shit...who the fuck is talking about wealth or baldness?


You sound quite ignorant your self grim. Pretty much all of your posts deal with you talking about some conspiracy. He asked for a vegetarian that could achieve all of those lifts and you responded with

... your same asian martial artist could be shot by a scrawny teenage boy..whats that have to do with diet?

....and nobody said anything about curing baldness or being rich...

If i'm not mistaken there is a pretty good article on here about the problems with soy?


I'm lacto-vegetarian [3 years now]. The key is diet. Ignorant people assume its the type of food one eats that determines a person's wellness. It in fact boils down to proper nutrition intake regardless of the source. I'm 42 and definately stronger than in my 20's[and wasn't a wimp back then when it came to strength for my modest size]. I've bulked from 164 to 195lbs in the last 5 months and 50lbs overall in a year and without difficulty take in 180+ gms of protein per day as vegetarian [ 30gms only from milk ].

So ignore the 'show me I'm from Missouri' misguided comments that lump weak vegetarians with vegetarians who eat diets that keep them vital, healthy and very strong. My diet has alot of bulgor, oats, cauliflower. Also note Roman gladiators diet consisted almost entirely on barley and beans. It all comes down to where you are getting protein from not which one food type notoriously has the most.

I found another related thread on the site worth a look at too.


Meat is?Hmm,thats funny.Cthulhu well stated that he gained some healthy weight without the stuff.So strength doesn't matter when you're fighting someone? That is funny.Who said meat cures baldness and makes you rich? You tell me.Like cthulhu said,you're the one coming in here saying that you have to eat meat in order to be strong.


Conspiracy?What,just because I'm not some lab ratt for the government and believe everything they say?Yes,he could be shot by a scrawny teenage boy ,but shooting someone has nothing to do with strength.Fighting someone does.How am I ignorant? I'm not telling people they have to make love to turkey meat in order to be strong.Maybe you need to evaluate this post better and see that you both are acting like children making egregious remarks on others just because they don't agree with you.


Hey Grim. You better not go to the gym and lift weights tonight.Without steak you'll become a weak girl.You need steak to perform skull crushers! Haha!


Mike Mahler is an accomplished strength coach and is a vegetarian. His site contains a number of articles related to being a vegetarian. I think he is a pretty good example of a coach who does not need to eat meat to be strong and develope a good physique.


1) I didn't say strength doesn't matter when you're in a fight...
2) again, what does fighting have to do with this thread? You're the one that keeps bringing it up...

once more, what the fuck are you talking about? You brough up cures for baldness and wealth not me...

cthulhu stated that "anyone who says vegetarians are weaker than meat eaters have their heads in the sand."

this is clearly an inaccurate statement ...please show me ONE vegetarian that has accomplished the strength feats of omnivors...

meat is without a doubt a better food choice than soy products for someone trying to gain lean size and get stronger...

can you can size and strength while being a vegetarian? sure, but it is no where near the optimum way to do it...


And show me one study that proves eating meat makes you stronger than eating soy or hemp.He said that and he was right.Anyone who says meat eaters are stronger than vegatrians don't have anything to back it up with.It's the truth.It's not a fact that eating meat makes you stronger than eating soy.Not only that,but he was also saying that it's not true.And it isn't true.

You're the one who came in here saying you have to make love to meat in order to be strong.Not cthulu,not me.I said it won't cure baldness and make you rich because you're acting like it will cure baldness and make you rich.Thats why I said that.Duh!I was talking about strength because you said eating meat makes you stronger.You have to be strong to take down a huge guy ,you have to be strong to bench 400 pounds.You're making unfounded statements,not me or cthulhu.


DPH,please get over it already.It's not a fact that eating meat makes you stronger.And no,theories don't count.