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Vegetarian Creatine

Ok, it’s time to make fun of good young Proteinpowda for being a vegetarian again!
Being a bit bored after new years last night (I’m not drinking b/c I’m determined to get through this bulking cycle without causing myself to need to diet for 6 months after) I decided to re-read TC’s original article on creatine. This caused me to revisit an issue I thought of before:
What is the optimun amount of creatine for vegetarians? Thinking back previously 3-4 years I remember I had excellent results the days I ingested 10 or more grams a day, and less nowadays by only taking 5 or 6.
Berardi reccomends 5 grams or so creatine post-workout…but you also get a few grams a day from YOUR (not mine) meat intake.
Any suggestions?

If I were you, I’d go with 3grams daily for non-workout days…and 8grams post workout.

I believe it’s the redmeat that supplies the greatest amount of creatine.

doesn’t taking creatine make you NOT a vegetarian???

If you check out Mike Mahlers site he has all sorts of info for vegan athletes.