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Vegetarian Bulk Diet?

I need help people…
I’m starting a 3 month bulk, but I’m fasting until Easter (I’m a Coptic Christian). This means I can’t eat any animals or anything that comes from an animal (no eggs, no milk, no cheese, …) After Easter, im getting back to normal but for the next month i need a vegetarian meal plan.
Any help is appreciated.

You’re going to have to consume a shitload of vegan protein shakes.

Invest rice protein powder/pea protein or soy protein (if you have no choice).

Can you eat fish?

rajraj: thanks, i’ll check those out.
Joab: Nope, unfortunately not :frowning:

You may find this helpful:

Tofu brah

Can you not eat shellfish? I have this same situation (I’m not a Copt, I’m Chalcedonian, but it’s the same fasting). I eat shrimp most every day.

Also, brown rice protein shakes (mentioned by therajraj) are a great idea. A good brand is Sun Warrior, if a little expensive. You can shop around on Amazon. I use mine in the morning with some fruits, usually blueberries.

Beans will provide you with some protein and lots of fiber. Natural nut butter will give you some great fats and a little bit of protein too.

Biotest’s L-Leucine is NOT derived from animals (according to the label), so if you have enough money, I would recommend getting some and using it extensively–stuff is awesome.

Lastly, make sure everything else is dialed in, not just diet. With meat, it’s easy to just out-eat your problems on a bulking diet, but it is harder during fasting periods. You have to make sure you’re resting enough, getting enough of the right micronutrients, getting enough fiber, etc.

Have a blessed Fast.

Buckwheat is complete protein, cheap and gluten free. Also, sour-dough bread (leavened without baker’s yeast) contains (practically) about three times the lysine.

[quote]tito wrote:
for the next month i need a vegetarian meal plan.[/quote]
Pick up Jason Ferruggia’s ebook from the simply-titled: plantbasedrecipeguide.com

I don’t have it, but Ferruggia’s been vegan for quite a few years now and he definitely knows his shit.

I did go vegetarian/vegan a few months months about two years ago.

I ended up accidentally losing 12 pounds while trying to maintain. It’s very common for vegetarians to underestimate their daily calorie intake, so make sure you keep an eye on that.

But that really shouldn’t be a problem since you’re bulking. As long as you have some protein in every meal (though there’s no need to over-rely on rice, pea, or hemp powders), you shouldn’t have any trouble getting plenty of calories from nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, grains, fruit, and vegetables.