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I eat huge amounts of steamed vegetables - keeps me away from the Coco Pebbles. Being cheap as well, I hate throwing anything away, and will steam even the junk parts of the vegetable (broccoli stalks, celery leaves, the cores of cauliflowers and cabbages, etc.) They actually have more charater than the choice parts. Oh ye possessors of most highly esoteric knowledge, hear my question: is what I am doing stupid or counterproductive? Do the junk parts of fresh vegetables contain high concentrations of kryptonite or something else I shouldn’t be eating? I’d guess they were higher in fiber than the choice parts. Yes? No? Who gives a rat’s ass?

I think most people don’t eat those parts because they are tough, not because they are dangerous to eat or not nutritious. It always gives me a laugh when people cut off the ends of mushrooms because they are “tough.” It’s a mushroom for christ sake!

I’ve been eating the tougher parts for years and it hasn’t hurt me. There may be an argument for saying you don’t get as much nutrition because those parts are more fibrous and therfore harder to digest, but who cares?

You are eating like a T-man. Go forward and digest with an iron stomach as a T-man should

Esoteric Man says: Just eat the shit.

I’m in the who gives a rats ass category. I’m as cheap as you and eat everything in sight, and i’m still alive… and strong!

I don’t think it matters. I’m amazed that you buy fresh vegetables and cut them up, etc. I’m too lazy to do so, so I buy frozen veggies (whichever’s on sale) and eat them and buy the pre-made salad in bags. sigh

I can’t stand anything but the choice parts. Stella, frozen veggies? Gotta be fresh and raw for me. I realize steaming is beneficial for some vegetables, but steaming them makes them smell and when I can smell them, I won’t eat them. Fuck I’m picky.

You are definitely getting pl;enty of fiber.

Nothing wrong with what you are doing. Many times there are tons of minerals and vitamins in the parts we throw away.

It’s only considered to be a junk part because people don’t normally eat it. I happen to think celery leaves are pretty tasty. Broccoli stalks are great if you peel off the tough outer skin and julienne them.