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Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

Hi all, so I’m looking to add more vegetables to my diet, I was wondering if anyone had any recipes for smoothies with mostly vegetables.


Uh, I know Chad Waterbury has one that sounded pretty good. Forgot where I read it though.

Otherwise, I don’t personally recall ever using veggies in my shakes before. Just Greens+, Superfood, and this whey I really like that has greens mixed in it already (Biochem’s 100% Greens and Whey).

  1. parsley+celery+red pepper+tomato juice+lemon+ black pepper
  2. apple+ginger+carrot
  3. kale+parsley+celery+carrot
  4. carrot+cucumber+apple+ginger+lemon
  5. celery+kale+carrot+garlic+lemon+ginger+ cayenne