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Vegetable gardens

Any other T-man gardeners out there? My shit is looking good, tomatoes, squash, green beans and lima beans, peppers, cucumbers, cantaloupes and okra. I really don’t have any experience but it’s been fun and looks like it should be productive.

I’m just waiting to find me some available space…next year I might try making an indoor garden in a condo…keep your fingers crossed I don’t flood anything! lol

A couple of summers ago I was home in MD. and grew a kick ass garden. I had like three varieties of tomatoes, chilis, red pepper, melons, cukes, and a couple others. What made it really nice was that I had herbs as well; basil, rosemary, sage, italian parsley, and mint. There was nothing sweeter than getting fresh mozzarella from the italian deli, a couple of plum tomatoes, warm and fresh from the vine, chopping up some of my basil. Add a little EVOO and Voila! The best f’n caprese salad you’ve had in your life. You should definitely hook up some herbs, bro. They make everything better!

friend of mine grew marijuana and tobacco, but nothing he could be openly proud of.