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Vegetable Fasting


Anyone ever done anything like this? I'm considering it... actually I'm more than considering it, I've made up my mind, heh. I've been doing some reading over at Chad Waterbury's site and he's got some articles on juicing/veggie fasting. You can go check them out yourselves. Of course, I'm doing the one-day fast, not the two-day like he tried.

I'll probably drink the veggie juice 4x a day, but I'll throw in some Metamucil here and there for the fiber. I'm thinking of doing the fast on a non-training day (Sunday), since I generally have a huge cheat meal Saturday nights (beer + pizza).

I think I'll benefit in four ways: 1) reduce inflammation and detox the body, 2) improve gut health/digestion due to the enzymes, 3) get the well-known benefits of fasting (insulin sensitivity), 4) get a break from my usual high-protein intake so that protein utilization is better throughout the week and that my proteinz doesn't have a high turn-over rate.

Also, I've decided to start every morning with some type of juicing recipe, such as:

3 large celery stalks
2 large carrots
1 large cucumber
Pinch of sea salt (optional)

I used to do this awhile ago but stopped for some reason. I remember though that I felt freakin' great. Also, you can make them taste pretty damn good.


I'll be interested to hear how it goes!


This is interesting...Since I IF..I'd be willing to have one day a week where I don't strict fast..instead I juice/veggie fast for the normal fasting duration and then eat my real food meals..Perhaps on Sundays or something.


That definitely might do some damage.


Jack Lalanne lived on that stuff.


Had a 'juicing' session this morning right out of bed before my meal:

4 celery stalks
2 cups spinach
2 stalks broccoli
1/2 apple for some sweetness

Tasted pretty good actually. Right after I walked my dog and I had noticeably better mental acuity, a better mood, and had a general 'feel good'-ness about my body felt, almost like there was less lactic acid or something.


Lol when i read this i thought it meant fasting from and not eating vegetables which i would of been in for...
all jokes asides this interests me a lot i will probably try this as an intro before i cut down whenever that happens to be


I did the version that Chad Waterbury outlines on his site. I stuck to it to the letter and all told I lost 6 pounds of "weight" and from measurements about 1-2 lbs of fat. I didnt look much different or feel any better.


I'm not doing it really to look any different, although fasting in general can be good for that in the long-term for insulin sensitivity. However I think it's just a 'healthy' thing to do, to clean out your system, give your organs a break, lose some bloat, improve digestion, etc.


Dude... 16oz Brussel sprouts + salt&pepper + drizzle with olive oil (i POUR it on personally), place in oven in a 9x9dish @ 400 degrees F, for 40 minutes, "stirring" after 20 minutes... AMAZING and only ~70 cal + tons of fiber. swear they taste like french fries almost and youll be full for hours


You will also be bloated and gassy for days.


I just did three full weeks of juicing. First week was nothing but juice. Next two were juice and a 100 gram whey protein shake. Stripped fat like crazy. After the first few days the hunger went away and it became pretty easy. Energy was fine, although I didn't train hard. Since then I've been juicing during the day and having a dinner at night. probably going to do another three weeks of juice and whey soon.


haha.. i chose not to highlight that fact. i found if you're drinking lots of water, it's not too bad.


You did a whole week of just juicing, or am I understanding this wrongly...?


Yeah. A week of just juice. Then two of juice and a whey shake.


There is a big documentary on the subject you can netflix on demand "Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead"
It outlines a good way to go about it. Although you really only need to watch the 1st 1/2 or 3/4 of the movie to get the jist. I had a client who had done this, works really well but long term = no good. You can also go online and look up a "Greens" product and copy the ingredients.


that's fucking insane, and in my opinion, a bit extreme, lol...


Why is it not good long-term? Fasting with nothing for one day a week, IIRC, has only positive benefits shown in the studies.

And why would I copy a Greens supplement that has a bunch of weird ass shit like wheat grass, soy this, rice bran that... all I want is broccoli, spinach, celery, and a handful of other veggies (carrots, beets, parsnips, etc), lol.


This client ran it for over 3 weeks - ish? Way too long on just juicing. If you watch the documentary you will notice the same things in people. Muscle fatigue, tiredness, hormone diregulation, stall in fat loss etc.

What were the studies looking for? Weight loss? Fat loss? Muscle gain? Im very interested because I recently gave up on IF.

You can copy a green supplement for the Greens part of the supplement like what may make it taste good. Most juicing involves kale. Things like that plus other veggies and then figure out what tastes good to you. Wheat soy etc etc would obviously be excluded by a smart fella like yourself.


I'm only doing it once a week, it's not an extended fast whatsoever. It's no different from the MAG-10 pulse, although you can call this the 'Veggie Pulse' instead, lol.

I don't have any particular studies in mind, but I do know that there is a lot of positive benefits from throwing in a fast every now in then, whether it's intermittent, Warrior-style, or full-on fasting for a day.

I actually have juicing recipes from a book by Jonny Bowden, they all revolve around some core veggies so it's quite simple.