Vegeta Had a Cortisol Problem

Dude I’m only 18…but I wanted a physique like Goku’s or Vegeta’s since I was 10, and also to learn the Kamehameha Wave or Galic Gun.

My idea of the perfect physique is one similar to Vegeta or Goku’s. Look at Kiyoshi Moody. If he had a bit more shoulder to him, he’d be as built as Goku and Vegeta. Pretty badass.

[quote]Beowolf wrote:
What was his cortisol level again?

(someone… anyone… please? Hint: It’s over a certain number…)[/quote]


[quote]Flow wrote:
Beowolf wrote:
What was his cortisol level again?

(someone… anyone… please? Hint: It’s over a certain number…)

HIS CORTISOL LEVEL IS AT 9,000!!![/quote]

WHAT! 9000??!?!

Goku always had the most cutting edge training paradigms and advanced programs. He had the old man pushing him hard since child hood. He was the first to use “Super Gravity Training”. Which Vegeta then used later.

Goku got to train in the “1 hour equals a day room”. Vegeta got the sloppy seconds and had to spend some of his time wiping up sweat and reracking weights. And in a clacssic hot head move Vegeta entered the room a second time and overtrained his ass off. If we had seen Vegeta after a 5 five rest he would of cleaned house.

And the biggest kicker of all…Goku got to train while he was DEAD. I mean seriously, how big would some of us be if we could die, do nothing but train for a couple years and come back to life? Undulating Death Periodization Program. Who can beat that?

I guess he does lots of lateral raises. . . I think he may have taken after Lee Priest here. :stuck_out_tongue: Or is it the other way around??? :stuck_out_tongue:

(the Majin tattoo)

[quote]Bujo wrote:
Undulating Death Periodization Program. Who can beat that?[/quote]


[quote]Mr. Clean & Jerk wrote:
WolBarret wrote:
Let’s stop mentioning Inyuasha, cause that show sucks balls.

Blasphemy! Sesshomaru is a fine example of an anti-hero and he alone could keep me watching. Inuyasha and Kagome as co-protagonists work together excellently. Kagome’s double-life is a tad unrealistic, though, I’ll give you that. Then again, the Bakuryuha is pretty unlikely, too.

Kagome’s nagging can be a pain, but her presence is important just so that Inuyasha doesn’t completely lose it and go postal on an entire village of innocent people. She keeps him down to earth and is necessary to keep at bay his natural anger in addition to his fury left over from the Kikyo heartbreak. All in all, her nonsense is a necessary evil.[/quote]

Correction. Inyuasha gargles balls. Sesshommaru gargles balls. Kagome gargles balls. Any character associated with the show also gargles balls. It’s a ball gargling show. It sucks balls…no…it gargles balls.

Thank you.