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The happiest place on earth, hands down.

you havent been to p.b. cali yet have you?

Never been there, only really see it on CSI which rocks…


Try Jamaica

p.b. cali? not sure i know what that is.

I heard jamaica is cool.

But I still think vegas is the happiest place on earth.

great buffets, gambling, awesome shows, beautiful women, buffets, beautiful women, oh wait… i’ve already said those.

needless to say, i’m going back in a couple of months.

Pacific Beach, A little ville in San Diego…

I was in both Vegas and Jamaica. Jamaica’s mostly depressing outside the self-contained resorts. Jamaicans for the most part are poor and live in slums. I just couldn’t fully enjoy the island knowing that the citizens of it are living in squalor while I’m in a posh resort.

Vegas, on the other hand, was great.

Yes, it kicks ass.

I’m suppose to be in Vegas this weekend, but something came up at work and so I had to postpone it indeffinitely. Thanks for remindinding me what I am missing.



Happier than Albany OR. Wow I thought that was the happiest place on earth. Just kidding, LV ranks higher than Hawaii, since it is cheaper to live there. Also Charles Staley is in that area too.

Unless you’ve been to every town/city in the world, it’s presumptuous to say that Vegas is the happiest place on earth.

I personally prefer the W. Caribbeans. Nice warm weather, sun, beach…mmmm…

I hear ya’ on that Stella. Good call. Your preferences?

Me: Caymans and the U.S. Vigins, though the latter is n.e.

In fact, pooh has a scuba outing planned for St Thomas in August. That place is my personal fave.

Merlin - sorry man, but hey… at least i’ll give you somethin to look forward to.

Stella - couldn’t agree more. I should say that vegas is the happiest place that I’ve been to so far. But it seems that LV is a tough place to beat. mmmmm buffets

BORA BORA is my favorite vaca spot!!! Vegas is good if you like to spend money. I would gamble my money away so I stay away from places like Vegas.

Although Bora Bora is a long flight! But its worth it!