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Vegas Trip, Place to Workout?

Heading to Vegas next week for 4 days. Any suggestions for a place to workout??? Reasonably close to the strip. Something hard-coreish… Thanks

According to @BOTSLAYER the hawk is the place to go. I guess it is hardcore something. I don’t actually have a recommendation. Bots did recently find a gym there, so hopefully he gives you a reply.


Thanks, but no thanks. Just Googled it. Not my kinda gym. Whole different kinda pumping going on there that im not in to…


That was my goal :joy:


Unless youre Jay Cutler, Vegas is not for working out :laughing:

Didn’t Flex Lewis open a new Dragon’s Lair gym in Vegas?

I usually bring a KB with me to the blackjack tables. You can get in 10 swings/10 burpees between hands if you’re dedicated.

He did, opened March. I haven’t had time to check it out.

@mnben87 hahahah YES!!!

at OP Fight or Quit gym is in Vegas. Also Dragons Lair is open now which both would rock.

No idea how either is doing day passes or weeks so it could be pricey.

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I was in Vegas in the fall of 2019 and went to Average Broz’s Gym. Described here:

I just showed up, Mr. Broz was there, I said I’d read the T-Nation article about his gym when I was a younger teenager and had always wanted to check it out. When I first read it, I wa pretty into Oly lifting…not quite as big a fan now but it’s still cool.

He told me I could go ahead and do whatever I wanted for as long as I wanted. No mention of a fee or day pass or anything. I lifted for a bit, just doing random stuff, also kinda watched him coach a couple of his lifters. There was a woman cleaning and a man doing jerks from blocks. That dude was fucking strong.

After a while Broz told me he had to go visit a friend who was in the hospital and had just had a baby, but the guy was still gonna be lifting for a while so I could stay as long as I wanted.

Overall, very impressed with the guy. Seemed a little quiet and goofy but extremely kind. Especially to a stranger. I regret not asking for coaching tips - he probably would’ve given some.

Even if Oly lifting isn’t your style, it’s just a cool gym to go to. Tons and tons of memorabilia up on the walls, lots of old school looking equipment. I’m pretty sure there were machines, if that’s more your style.

Sorry for the novel but TL; DR - 10/10, would recommend.


Genuinely cool story @jshaving mate. Would have loved to have trained there back in the day. Used to love reading his interviews

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