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Vegas Stag Do


Hi folks

I'm going to Vegas next month for a stag do. Being a brit, I clearly want to watch the "soccer" (how it pains me to type that) matches that England are playing in. Secondly, it's also a stag do, so I want to drink lots (and I mean lots).

As a bit of a help to a fellow forum user, does anyone in/near/with experience of Vegas have any tips about places to go to see the soccer?
If not, names of places that aren't too up their own arses to refuse me booze once I've reached the falling over stage would be cool. Preferably the cheaper the better.

And finally, just anything at all about stag dos in Vegas to keep the thread going. I've been once before, but that was with a girlfriend and she had high class pretensions (certainly compared to me) so I didn't see much of proper drinking bars.

Thanks for your help, folks



I have no idea what this thread is about.

The OP keeps using bizarre foreign words and phrases like "stag do" and "soccer".

Could someone help out?


Go to the sports books at the large casinos (MGM, Caesars, etc) to watch the World Cup. They will likely have all of the games on BIG screens and you will be able to wager on practically anything you want. And there will be cocktail waitresses coming around to take your drink orders. Just don't drink UK-style while you're in the sports book (i.e. drink til you pass out, have your mates prop you up and drink some more) or they will escort you out.

Vegas is a fun place for a couple of days so enjoy.



Duh...you've gotta get out of Maine, Steely


Best Strip Club - Spearmint Rhino, hands down.

Very good night clubs - Prive, Tao (at the Venetian), Rain (at the Palms), Ghost Bar (also at the Palms), Tryst (at the Wynn), and Pure.

Casino with best vibe - either the Palms or the Hard Rock.

Best pool to lounge at - Bare (at the Mirage), or the Hard Rock pool (preferably Rehab if it has started yet).

If you want to gamble at cheap tables (since you mentioned it in your post), stay away from the big casinos, stick with some of the shittier ones like Treasure Island, Imperial Palace, New York New York.


You can always find Max in a Vegas thread.

What the hell is a stag do?

Bellagio has a nice sports book. You can find them at all the casinos. Shouldn't miss anything.

Tell my ex fiances hi at spearmint...


Cheers for the tips.

What does "stag do" translate into in Yankee anyway?


So outside of the sports book I can drink UK style?


That's what we've been asking you, sir.

Bachelor Party?


Sounds like it could be. Pre-marriage drunken japes for the groom-to-be.


Don't come back.


lol @ drink UK style



Pics or GTFO


I'm laughing out loud at this!