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Vegas Shooter Kills 50+

Prayers for people lost and a world going nuts…
This will certainly fan the 2nd Ammendment flames.

Very sad.

It’ll be interesting to know the why of it.

Rest in peace to all who lost there lives :frowning:

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Probably, but nothing will come of it.

Probably, but the guy was clearly firing a full auto, which have been rather extremely difficult to get in the USA since the 1920s. (You can do it, but it takes tens of thousands of dollars, the weapon must be antique, and there is an extensive approval process.)

From the slow rate of fire and long time between shooting intervals, I am thinking he was using some kind of home-cooked AK-47 clone with a drum magazine.

There is nothing legally to be done about this – there is a video on Youtube where a guy makes an AK using a shovel. Seriously. It takes the barest of mechanical skills.


Was thinking the same, sounded like an AK.

I never understood how they let you buy automatic rifles in the USA.
Hunting rifles or hand guns maybe, but I don’t see how you would need something automatic.

It’s called the second amendment, it doesn’t sound like you’ve read it. But full auto weapons are pretty much illegal here anyway, which it also sounds like you didn’t know.


They don’t let you buy automatic rifles in the USA.

(Excepting, again, antique weapons, and then only after an 8-10 month waiting and background process).

This was undoubtedly a home-made auto, which is super easy.


Isis is claiming responsibility. Which is dubious because the shooter Steve Paddock was a 64 year old white guy native to Nevada. 64 is a bit old to start radicalizing.

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I don’t believe a word of it. Stranger things have happened, but I think only about 3 things.

I am sad. Vegas is close to my heart. My brother lives there, nobody went out that night, thank God…


Nope. Automatic weapons are already banned in all but a very few places and you have to have a special license to have one in those places. That was a machine gun(s). Until the barrel probably melted, then he went to a regular rifle.

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It wouldn’t surprise me.

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I would need proof, he’s about as red neck as it gets. But then he shot up a country music concert. Does not compute.

You can see the strip from my brother’s balcony, but too far to notice something like that. Maybe with some binoculars he could of seen it. But everybody thought it was multi-shooter and did not know about Mandalay Bay for a long time until after it happened.

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Man, this really sucks. There’s a lot one can say but to sum it up, it sucks this happens so often. Arm-chair politicians are going to be issuing their hot takes all week while people are mourning the loss of their loved ones and helping their friends and families recover from heinous injuries.

How about a shout-out to the terrified civilians who aided first responders; using pieces of fence to make stretchers, applying any kind of first aid, and donating the use of trucks to get people to hospitals.



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You are right… Kids, cops, schools, movies, concerts, malls, music festivals… Nothing will change. As long as we let anyone stockpile guns and ammo there will always be some nut job that kills tons of people. Im not anti gun shit I have one too… But letting anyone have a stockpile is nuts. At some point the body count may get so high that we all admit maybe we need to revise the 2nd amendment a bit. Somehow I dont think the founding fathers would stand by if they were here. We gotta do something cuz nothing isnt helping.


I doubt it because many of us realize it’s got nothing to do with the 2nd amendment.

Ya, I bet they’d loosen 2A restrictions, not the opposite.

I think we should wait until emotions simmer and then talk about potential solutions (really just steps to mitigate losses like this) rationally.

Now’s not really the time for that.

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IDK man every 90days or so we get one of these. Nothing changes… The rest of the world doesnt get these like we do so something is off