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Vegas Next Week!


Im going to Vegas next week..monday to friday at mgm..any tips or advized,place to go...i mean for party and nightlife..


If you like clubbing Pure the best club in Vegas. It's in Ceaser's Palace. If you go there during the day, you can get VIP passes, so that you don't have to pay cover. As for food, damn near every place has something good, but don't expect to pay much less than $20 per meal. Never buy alcohol, if you just go up to a table or a slot machine, you'll be given drinks if you look like you're playing. I'll think of more in a bit, I'm gonna pass out soon.


Will be making my first trip there in just over 2 weeks should be a good thread and you'll have to throw up a review when ur back.


Id have to disagree with Pure being the best club in Vegas. I was there last year to see DJ Am/ Dj Jazzy Jeff and the club was really only alright. My buddy is pretty involved in the club scene so ill ask him where were going this time (sept 3-8) and ill update for ya.


Go to Sapphire, PERIOD.

Last year, I went to Pure, Jet, and Tao. I'd have to say Jet and Tao were better than Pure.

Advice: When your walking the strip, avoid the guys that try and stop to give you "free" coupons for like free drinks at a club, even if its "free", they will ask for a "tip", usually its $5 per person. Last year, I got stopped by 10 guys in 1 hr while walking the strip. Some coupons are a good deal, If I remember correctly, I got a free cover for Jet ($20). If you decide to get some coupons, just talk to ONE guy.

If your not bringing any protein shakes and bars, there is a GNC down the strip in that HUGE ASS MALL, you can't miss it... I forgot the name of it....


Rehab on Sunday at the Hard Rock. Spearmint Rhino is a must as well. I would also hit up Tao.


i was just at mgm 2 weeks ago. go check out the lazy river. its sickkkkkkk.


Last year Tao was off the hook.

If you want to spend less than $20 - $40 a meal, head north of the strip. There are some local restaurants that are pretty good and more reasonably priced.

Remember your room number and the exact route through the hotel. Go from the lobby to your room a few times while you are sober. The hotels are HUGE and can be a little confusing at four in the morning when you are wasted! "my friend" got drunk and a little lost the first night "he" was there with all the lights and shit all over the place. It can be disorienting if you are not used to it. LOL

Good TImes!


Dont steal Mike Tyson's tiger.


oh yeah almost forgot, over at the hooters hotel at dan marinos 24 hour restaraunt they got 25 cent buffalo wings after midnight. awesome deal


Clubs... Tryst @ Wynn, LAX @ Luxor, Tao @ Venetian
The bars/lounges in many of the hotels are popping as well. I like them better than the clubs; you can actually talk to the girls and actually hear them...

As for drinks, you can pay for them or play it smart and preparty in your room. If you have a vehicle or are down to walk a little in the heat to the local supermarket or liquor store. Get some of those red dixie cups you play beer pong with and some hard liquor with some mixers. You're allow alcohol everywhere so drink up.

As for meals, look off strip or for the small diners/cafes in the hotels. You're better off than going to the buffets. I usually just hit one buffet during my stay. The rest of the time I'm at the diners/cafes.

Recovery aka pools...Wet Republic @ MGM, Rehab @ Hard Rock, Tao Beach @ Venetian, The Beach @ Manadalay
Can't go wrong with any of them. Not sure if they are worth them during the week. Expect to pay a cover, if you want to go these premium pools. FUCKING HOT ASS CHICKS! If you don't want to pay, any of the pools will do. I like the pool at the MGM and Flamingo.

As said by Angry Chicken, while you are sober, get your self familiar with your hotel. The MGM is one FUCKING huge hotel/casino. Make sure your buddies and you charge your phones. Don't bring your wallet to the strip club!!! Make sure you have cash on you. As for cash, have one pocket with ones for tipping, etc. The other with bigger bills. Try to make a cash reserve, like in your coin pocket in your jeans. Just in case you need a taxi cab, etc.

I guess it just comes down to COMMON SENSE. Get shitty, but not shitty where you blackout and find yourself on the roof of the hotel. Most of all, have a fucking blast. Act a fool. Hit on chicks like its no tomorrow. Get some lap dances if you wish...just beware of the private room. Don't go up there drunk off your ass. Those girls will find your wallet and charge your shit up the ying yang. But thats another story...

Damn...a whole rant on vegas...I need to stop going there on a regular basis...haha


thanks for all the suggestion..i write a short review next week when i get back!


pics too! or it didn't happen!


Monday - Encore, Mirage
Tuesday - Palazzo, Caesars
Wednesday - Palazzo, Hard Rock
Thursday - Planet Hollywood, Wynn, Mirage, Encore

Basically the hottest spots are at the newest properties, meaning Encore, Palazzo and that new spot M which is far as hell from the strip but it is the very newest. It's also good to go midweek like you're doing. Though if you're a bunch of dudes, you're not getting in without bottle service regardless.

Also that Vegas Spearmint Rhino is basically the best strip club on the planet, though you owe it to yourself to see Fri, Sat, Sun night talent.


If you like Mexican food (not authentic), Dos Caminos at the Palazzo has probably the best quesadillas and guacamole I've ever had, not too pricey either. Pool at the Palms is pretty good, as well as Wet Republic at the MGM Grand, The Hard Rock pool as well. If your into sushi, you can find some great places on the the strip, but they are VERY expensive. Best places are in Henderson, but I'm guessing you are going to stay on the strip. Also some really good steak places at the downtown casinos on Fremont street.

As far as clubs go, pretty much what everyone else said, try to get friendly with some ladies at your hotel or pools so you don't get rapped with cover if your going with all dudes.