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Vegas Meet Report


424-easy opener(20lb meet pr)
463-good (60lb meet pr)
501-nope...got it down ok but couldn't come all the way up
Pretty happy with how the squats went. I really wanted the 501 but oh well. It'll be there waiting for me at seniors.

248-good (6lb meet pr)
259-good (17lb meet pr)
I was really concerned about how my bench was going to go. The last time I had the shirt on in the gym I couldn't get anything to touch. So, I was hoping just to get one in to keep me in the meet. 259 was a welcome surprise.

341-easy opener
369-miss(got called for hitching but I don't think there was any downward movement. oh well)
369-nope, I was completely exhausted and started to pull and just said screw it and put it down.

Total: 1063lbs (60lb meet pr)

Still not where I want to be but definately moving in the right direction. However, I am now taking a break from PLing to play basketball at a local jc. I'll be back in June to compete at APF Seniors in Vegas.


Congrats on the meet and fun with basketball. I think it's a great idea to occasionally take breaks and try something completely different.


Great job, Ericka. I love hearing your reports. My god, your squat is great. And for someone as tall as you are, that is terrific. I'll never bitch about my long legs again. Post some pics when you have time.


Always nice to see some PR's being racked up!

Tough break on the deadlift.


Cool results - PR's are always fun. How'd you place overall?

Oh, on being exhausted for the deadlift - you might try drinking a 50g glutamine shake throughout the meet to keep energy levels up. Works well for me in strongman, I feel pretty fresh for the last event even when I gave the previous ones my all. Lots of research behind it, too, though the success I've had and some friends of mine have had speak even louder to me.



Definitely looking better and better Ericka. I'll see you at Seniors and we'll talk about that deadlift. :wink:


What were you wearing when you were lifting?
Did you wear that gold thong I bought you?

Great job at the meet!
See ya soon,


Great work!! Thanks for the report and keepm up the progress


Yes! A woman powerlifter. Congrats! You must be tired.

when you've time, does your powerlifting transfer into basketball?

(I'm curious about everything. Born with incessant curiousity, I'm afraid.) Thank you.


Considering that I am a Center, the PLing does help. I am much stronger than I ever have been and am able to push the other players around as I please inside. The dynamic work I have done has also helped me to be more explosive on moves and also when getting up and down the court. Ofcourse I did have to adjust my shot a little but that was really no big deal.

At this point my ability to play full time is in question and it might not happen. In which case I will return to Diablo to prep for the Cali State meet being held at the LA Fotness Expo in February.


What weight class did you compete in?


Congrats! That's some pretty impressive weight you lifted and setting new records is always cool...great job.




Congrats! keep up the good work!



dude you bought me the gold thong....remember!


Awesome job!


What Juco do you play for? I'll check out their web page. Did you notice any improvement on your vertical, standing long jump, or forty times? Those meet numbers are really impressive.


damn girl, nice squat! that's awesome.


Ohlone College in Cali. My old high school coach has been coaching there for a few years now. She is by far the best coach I have ever played for or met. She coached our high school team to back to back final four appearances in her first two years there. The team is very young, or I am just getting old, but looks like we might have a decent squad once we iron all the kinks out.