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Vegas Bound

Hi everyone. Going to Vegas this coming weekend to check out the Olympia and wondering if anyone else is going. Also I would like to get some advice on what you guys think are the best nightclubs, strip clubs, and any other things I should do when Im there this weekend.

Vegas = Unlimited Possibilities. Places I can recommend offhand: Ra(Luxor), Studio 54(MGM), and two places at the Venetian (I forget the names… I think one is CK or something like that). Anyhow, just about any of these will be expensive to get in ($15-20), but will also be populated with quality booty. I also hear that there is a club in the Barbary Coast of all places (I forget the name, but it’s some guy’s name), which is normally a complete shithole, but about 3-4am the strippers get off work and start rollin’ in. That is, if you’re interested in strippers. (And why wouldn’t you be.)

I will be in Vegas as well. A buddy of mine is getting married there so we will be down there until late Sat. Looking for some good strip clubs for some last minute bachlor fun. I’ll also be looking for the T booth at the Expo.

Olympic Gardens… only one i went to, but that was enough.

And you gotta go to the Bellagio buffet. Get there early, the line gets very long. We got there at around 11am and still had to wait for an hour and a half.

Man, wish i could go back.