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Seriously, I am I the only one noticing a trend with a disturbing amount of vegans having "crazy eyes"?





That's one possibility I was considering....


ahhhhh crazy eyes creep me out. I always stay away from them, but i do have one vegan friend, she does not have crazy eyes.


Not all of them do. But I would definitely say it's a much higher percentage than non-vegans. It's almost like everyone has a certain propensity towards developing crazy-eyes at some point in their life, and veganism increases that probability. That's my current most plausible theory.




I think you found the wrong kind of vegan. Let him go home.




Go on...




Well i figure crazy eyes is the first step in the transformation process. Kind of like twilight without sparkling.


Some of them are chronically undernourished and have several deficiencies, giving them a strange high that is recognizable as the crazy eyes. God, I hate those idiots. I am continually baffled by the lack of proper research these people do. They are simply incorrect in a lot of their highly held beliefs.


Like seriously, all the vegans i know are all saggy, chubby, unshapely, and have bad taste in music...they could be Crab people!!!


I don't think they're actually real people. Kinda like fat chicks aren't real people.

My uncle became a vegan a while back, and has since developed the crazy eyes/funny movements. Interestingly, my dad, his twin brother, doesn't have crazy eyes. And he's not a vegan. Food for thought!


More like Steak for thought! Bwahaha


Natalie Portman became a vegan last year, lets see if her eyes become crazy.


I'll be watching. PS nice avatar.



Lol @ traits as "cowardly" and only conquers lower races haha