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Vegan Protein

Is anyone aware of a good vegan protein powder(definitely not for me). thanks for the ideas.

Check out this guy’s site. He’s a vegan and still has some muscle and strength:


Mike Mahler recommends NutriBiotic Rice Protein:

Google it.

There is a product on the Markey called VEGA by Sequel. It apeears to be a good product.

It is more of a meal replacement than just a protein powder.

Try mixing Hemp and Rice protein together.

I’ve been taking a soy protein isolate powder, 88g per 100g protein content. That would be considered a vegan protein, wouldn’t it?

Stay away from soy, the soy isoflavones are phytoestrogens, and soy has some of the highest known concentration of these phytoestrogens known.

Apparently up to levels of 3mg/g (which I find highly disturbing…).

For a vegan protein, I’d reccommend the hemp variety, as it’s supposedly very healthy, me however I didn’t like the taste/price too much, but then again… I’m not vegan :wink:

Soy ISOLATE does not contain any phytoestrogens.

modernist: interesting point – I’d never heard of soy protein which was free of phytoestrogens, perhaps the “isolate” bit should’ve made that implicit?

Definitely worth a google-run, thanks!

Did some googling, as far as I found out, there are certain soy protein isolates which have been alcohol washed to make them isoflavone deficient. However that is not necessarily the case, so some checking is definitely in order. Personally, I’ll just stay away from soy – me being caucasian my body absorbs it poorly anyway (16% according to the Poliquin Pontificates article).

www.veganbodybuilding.com has a ton of good information. The two guys there I would look for are Robert Cheek and Alexander Dargatz, both have a good amount of info and experience.


Several on the market don’t contain whey or eggs protein.

Nutribiotic Rice Protein, Pure Advantage (pea protein), Vega (hemp protein, also makes bars), and of course soy which you can pick up almost anywhere.

Basically (s)he is looking for rice, pea, potato, hemp, or soy protein powders. “google” it, depending on where (s)he lives it may have to be ordered.

Soy - period will screw with your T levels.

Phew, thank god you’re here to save his T levels, and only 13 years late at that.



Didn’t realise until I posted how old the original post was!

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Lot of experienced guys used to be big on this…

Pea protein is cheap and does the job.

Especially when blended to make an all-in-one - great tasting, 40g protein per 60g serving - best protein shake - yummy!