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Vegan Life Style


Need some assistance here... My girlfriend is interested in becoming a modified veggie (eggs, dairy, etc). I'm set against it since I think Protein is the body's friend not the enemy. I need some pro/cons to this sort of diet. Please, "no Veggans are fags" arguments, need good points either pro or con. Thanks....
PS - Why isn't there a female equivalent to T-mag for the women? I'm sure there's plenty of T-Vixens out there to support it. Would be a good balance against all the yuppie diet crap out there.


Well, vegan usually means high carbs and high carbs usually means they get fat or have diabetic like conditions. So I'd tell her that vegans usually have ugly chubby bodies.

BTW, T-mag has said many times that all the training programs and diets in T-mag will work for women. Just replace the penis comments with vagina comments TC once said.


I had several friends who were vegans. Basically it's a very difficult lifestyle. My argument is this: Veganism is very much like being on a strict Keto diet. Anytime you elminate 99% of what you're "allowed" to eat, it's not healthy. Keto diets are great for a bit, but in the long run it isn't healthy.

Of course, if she's coming from an ethical standpoint it's a slightly different situation. Although, in your post you said she wanted to be a "modified" veggie, so I assume by your reference to eggs and dairy she's interested in becoming and "Ovo-Lacto" vegitarian. Personally, if you want to be moral, it doesn't bother me, but don't half ass it. How is it any more or less wrong to eat the flesh of an animal than it is to eat the unborn, unfertilized eggs, or drink the milk of an animal? The "extraction" processes are as cruel as slaughter. So, you might try those arguments.

Personally, I don't think it's much healthier than anything else. And, to quote Charles Staley: "If God didn't intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?" Hope this helps; good luck.


From Staley's interview this week at T-mag: "...one can make the case that agriculture kills more animals than it saves — crop harvesting machines kill untold millions of mice, snakes, and other small animals every year as crops are being harvested. It's just that the animals being killed are somewhat small and unpopular, so no one really considers them relevant in the big scheme of things."

I thought this was great! It seems that those that become veggies to "save the animals" only seem to care about the cute, big animals! Fuck the little icky animals that die with the soybean harvesting! Hee hee. Veggies are silly.


I wouldn't support a T-Vixen T-Mag site. THIS site has everything I need and more. Workouts, diets, etc. are not gender specific but are designed/planned according to a individual's needs.


I was vegan for 5 years - I may well have stayed that way if not for college, where i lost about 30 lbs in one month. Its not that bad if you are thoughtful about what you eat, when you eat it, and how much of it you eat. Is she prepared to do that? She needs to be very well informed about the whats and why's and hows of what shes going to do. Its very possible to be a vegan and live a very healthy and happy lifestyle. Its possible to not be vegan and do the same thing. But since she is going to be eating eggs and milk, its fairly easy to still have adequate nutrient intake without basing your whole life around eating - I think that if being a vegetarian is a doorway to making educated and thoughtful choices about what they are eating, then why not do it? Its like body for life vs. the sofa and chips. She'll have the rest of her life to make up her own mind on if she wants to eat meat.


I have been a vegan for several years and do just fine. Email me at mahler25@yahoo.com and I will give you some specific advice. In the meatime, check out my article on being a vegetarian athlete at: http://www.vegsource.com/ articles/mahler_ weightlift.htm


I dont think its natural. Take the Australian aboriginals. Extremely lean and wiry to tall, lean and muscular depending on the aridity of their area. High protein for the men who got preferance over kills, Low glycemic carbs and grubs & insects dug up by women & children. Most cultures would have begun like this bar the Inuit. How is this unhealthy or morally wrong.


There is no problem whatsoever being a vegetarian bodybuilder. It's quite possible to eat 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight - which I believe is all that's required. If you want to eat more you can. Of course your protein sources will be more limited than that of the meat-eaters, but it is still more that adequate. Vegans would find it much harder to eat quality proteins, but still not impossible.

Protein sources your girldfriend might consider are...

Eggs, milk (& milk-based suppliments), cottage cheese, nuts, beans, yoghurt.

I noticed that if you read Beradi's suggested diet recently, there was very little flesh in it at all...

Perhaps people who post here could just live and let live instead of veggie bashing all the time. It's the worst thing about t-mag IMO. As a veggie for 15 years, I've squatted 550, benched 315 and deadlifted 615 at bodweights of 180-220 at 5ft 8. I never bash meat-eaters, and I just wish they would do me the same courtesy.


I think the reason that carnivorous people bash vegetarians so much is because of the crazy fanatical veg-heads that blow up meat processing plants and that starve babies and crazy crap like that. Vegetarians get a bad rap from those types, or the people that constantly proclaim my horrible demise via bumper stickers, media misinformation, picketing in public places, etc. because I eat meat. If you don't want to eat animals, that is cool with me(more for me, and it helps keep meat prices down). Just please don't try to stop me from doing it, because nothing can help the man that gets between me and a juicy steak. As for the educated disciplined vegetarians that manage to stay healthy and happy on meat free diets, you've got my respect for your beliefs, but I don't think I will ever be able to understand.