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Vegan Attempts to Climb Everest. Dies Halfway Up

Technically she did make it to the top and only died afterwards on the way down. I assume you made it to the summit and all the way back down successfully since your alive to make this post.

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Several non-vegans recently died climbing Everest.

Though non-vegans did not climb Mt.Everest to prove their dietary supremacy.


Yeah, but did they attempt the climb for the expressed purpose of proving the non-vegan diet was better?

The really telling thing here is not that she died, that happens on Everest, it’s the fact that as a vegan, she felt the need to go to extreme lengths to prove the superiority of her lifestyle and died as a result. And you can bet if she’d made it back fine she’d be bragging about this being proof that veganism is great.

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No but I didn’t make a grand statement and haphazardly attempt to climb everst with no experience. I think the plants hypnotised her.

I don’t recall her stating her diet or lifestyle was superior. Where are you getting that from?

She said she wanted to prove she could do it as a vegan. She was wrong, along with many other climbers who have died on Everest.

Did you even read what i wrote, I never said she said it was better, I said she said she was doing it to prove vegans could do anything meat eaters can do, which made it so ironic she died doing it.

And also, yes, every vegan ever thinks their diet is superior, go look on a vegan forum and watch them jerk each other off about being higher primates.

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Let me know the next time a omnivore person tries this sort of thing for the same reason. And of course she thought is was superior she’s a vegan.

It all depends on how you read what she wrote. If you read it like snotty 10 year old younger sibling proving they are better than their older sister “See I can do anything you can”, which in my experience is normally the correct tone for a “proud” vegan like this, it comes off as sounding mildly superior to me.

To be fair, if you go to a forum that is explicitly dedicated toward a dietary style, you are going to get a skewed representation of it’s membership. Anyone who takes the time to create an account and converse on a forum regarding veganism is most likely going to be somewhat fanatical about the experience, in the same way someone who uses a forum in regards to lifting is going to be a little preoccupied with the activity.

I know plenty of cool vegans who don’t shove it down my throat. And, at the same time, I don’t antagonize them about “eating wrong”, because that’s silly.


I must have a different experience to you is all. I went vegan years back simply to lose weight, which I did and the level of insanity I saw in regular vegans was astounding. Most would outright support violence against farmers and slaughter house staff. They were all incredibly misanthropic and narcissistic.

It is like first worlders run out of things to complain about and then turn against humanity itself. Humanity is a disease, humans need to be culled, etc, etc.

Well, to be fair, I have been reading a lot of Nietzsche, so that could have something to do with it, haha.


Relevant and funny.


The vgean response to it lol:

I’ve never seen any group that does something so mundane try so hard to prove that they are doing something right.

Now feeding yourself has become a territorial pissing ground, as if it is some massive accomplishment!

Love how it can’t be as simple as feeding yourself either. It has to have layers of social relevance and become an epic position. Like “I am saving the world one meal at a time!”.

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Some people are really bored and boring

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Ah, the homicidal vegan gains who is the worst of the worst of vegans. If he really believed his own videos he’d have killed himself a long time ago.

Notice he also doesn’t deny that was an accurate representation of the vegan attitude.

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The fact that one vegan tried to climb Everest doesn’t she was trying to claim being superior. More meat eaters have died than vegans have climbing Everest.

Why are all these older threads getting bumped?

To Alex, exactly how many meat eaters have attempted to climb Everest for the expressed purpose of proving how awesome meat eating is? Yeah, that’s why these things aren’t comparable.

Trick question … one does not need to prove how awesome meat eating is … it is known