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VDs Log

I’ve been lurking here for a very long time, and so here goes my 1st online log. Everything is in pounds and not kilos.
Stats: 5"8 200 22

Known 1 rm
Dead 305
Squat 275
Bench 225
Military Press: 155

I’ve been training since May 2010, when I was 130lbs soaking wet. I was initially not training the big lifts. I started training the big lifts about 6 months ago. I have been using 5/3/1 with the body building template. I feel like I am not advanced enough to run 5/3/1, I can still add slabs of weight on each week. I’m using the 5/3/1 week template and just adding weight onto an additional single attempt.

Goals for 2013
Dead 450
Squat 355
bench 255
Military Press: 185

Sunday 1-6-12 Squat/legs
Squat 95x5, 135X5, 170X5, 190x3, 215X1 225x1, 250x1, 275x1 (felt real easy)
Front squats(first time doing these, and I love them) 95 2x8
Leg Press: 270 2x12, 360 1x12, 450 1x12, 500 1x8
Seated Leg Curl: 70 1x10 90 1x10 110 1x10, 1x8
Standing Calf Raise BWx50 Seated Calf raise 50lbsx50 150 x 10


Pre workout: L arginine L citrulline 1,000mg, Garlic oil 1000mg, b-12 1000mcg. I like this pre workout boost. It gives me good energy and some tasty garlic burps.

Press: 65x5, 85x5, 95x5, 105x5, 120x3, 135x1, 140x2
Dumbbell Press: 30 2x10, 35 1x10, 40 1x10
Front/Side/Rear Raises; 15 3x10 I preformed these front for 10 side for 10 then rear for 10. These burned my shoulders and felt real good.
Curls: 45 3x5
Hammer Curls: 45 3x5
Preacher curls: 30 3x5

Deadlifts tomorrow, my favorite day of the week.


Pre workout: L arginine L citrulline 1,000mg, Garlic oil 1000mg, b-12 1000mcg

Deadlifts: 135x5, 135x5, 165x5, 205x5, 235x3, 265x1, 295x1
pullups: 8,8,7
Barbell Rows: 135x10, 145x10, 150x10
Good mornings: 95x8, 105x8, 110x8
cable rows: 80x10 100x10 115x15
Dumbell Shrugs: 55 x10, 65x10, 75x10
Hanging Leg raise: 4x12

I’m thinking that I am going to start to incorporate an ab day into my routine.


I took off friday because my wrists were acting up. I’ve learned that sometimes it is best to back off and heal. I have a whole litany of injuries including my right wrist ( injured due to punching a desk and then never letting it heal), left knee ( cartilidge damage?), upper back( Golf Cart right between scapulae), and right shoulder( Because my right wrist was messed up, I used it akwardly, and messed it up). I have no true diagnosis for these injuries because I lack healthcare insurance. I just rehab back to an acceptable place and keep going, and avoid exercises that hurt. Since that is out of the way…

95x5 135x5 170x5 190x3 215x1 225x1 250x1 285x1(missed. wasn’t feeling it today, very tired)

Front Squats
95X8 115x8

Bench ( wrapped my wrists up with tape, they felt real good. I lost my wrist wraps and have some more coming in soon. Since I missed my friday workout I wanted to get in some reps on bench.)
95x5 135x5 155x5 185x3 205x3 225x1

Leg Press
250 3x10

Leg curl
70x8 90x8 110x8 130x8

Standing Calf Raises
Bodyweight x 50
Seated: 45 x 50

Looking forward to tackling overhead press tomorrow.

1-14-13 Overhead Press

I am starting to think this is my favorite day. There is something primal about picking things over your head.

45x5 65x5 95x5 105x5 120x3 135x1 145x1
70 4x10
Front Raises 15 2x10 20 1x10
Side/rear raises: 15 2x10 20 1x10
Barbell Curls 85 2x5 75x5
Hammer Curls: 40 x6 45x6 50x6
Dumbell Curls Dropset: 30x12 25x8 20x5

I am unhappy with my arm size. For my body it is proportional. They are at 15in and they have been there for what feels like ever. I haven’t focused too much time on them in the past and now I am putting more effort towards them. Everything else has been growing except my arms. I am going with the heavy and low rep approach, hopefully they grow.


So we had a snow fall yesterday which stopped me from being able to go to HardKore and doing deadlift. HardKore is amazing. I joined this gym just recently and fell in love with it from the start. It is a powerlifting/strongman/regular gym. I signed up as soon as I saw it. THey have boat loads of awesome lifting stuff.

I have two other gyms that I frequent, the purple kind. One is down the road from Hardkore and is the best purple place that I have ever been too. They have a squat rack, and they allow deadlifts. I usually do my sundays here since I can go with the lady and hardkore is closed.

The other gym is the purple kind, and it’s the true purple kind. They have no squat rack! They do not allow deadlifts and it pretty much sucks. One thing it has taught me is to make do. So since I went to this awful excuse of a gym, and missed my deadlifts, I had to punish myself.

Romanian Deadlifts w/ Dumbbells: 50x5 70x5 80x6,5,5

Barbell Rows: 135 2x10 155 1x10 185 1x4 135 1x10 ( I usually keep my accessory back work light and focus on feeling it. Today I said screw it.)

Chin Ups: 3x8

Leg Curls: 70x8 90x8 110x8 ( I would have done good mornings but I did not want to contort my self into the bench nor use a smith machine. I hate smith machines for anything legs)

Cable Rows: 70x12 100x12 130x10 ( I do strict cable rows, really strict. No movement, just straight upper back.)

DB Shrugs: 45x10 60x12 70x10

Hanging Leg Raise; 4x12

Bench tomorrow. THe only thing the bad purple gym is good for is benching.

Bench 95X5 115x5 135x5 155x3 185x3 205x3 225x3
Dips: BW x8 25x8 45x8,7
Incline DB BP: 20x8 40x8 50x8 55x8 60x6
Tricep Pushdown: 100x20 115x15 130x12 145x10 160x8
Tricep Overhead Extension: 15x10 20 2x10
Hammer Curls: 50 30x8
Curls: 40 6, 8, 8

Felt good.

1-20-13 Squats

Squats 45x5 95x5 135x5 185x5 215x3 225x4 ( Disappointed with today. I forgot my wrist wraps and they were killing me on the heavy squats. D’oh)

Front Squats: 95x8 115x8 125x8

Leg Press 270x12 ( I could have done at least 30) 360x12 450 2x12 ( Very Strong today on the leg press)

Leg Curl: 70 2x10 90 2x10 ( 45 seconds rest)

Leg Extension: 70 2x10 90 2x10 ( 30 Seconds Rest)

Standing Calf Raises: Bodyweightx50 Seated 70 x 50 ( little rest between sets)

Hanging leg raise: 4x12

Not a bad session. Was disappointed with my squats but shit happens.

So glad to be posting again. I came down with an illness. It was derailing to say the least. I’m still not 100% but I am well enough to lift. My workout today was alright, my lungs are still filled with mucus so my breathing wasn’t great, but it wasn’t life threatening. After being off a schedule for any amount of time I just do total body workouts until I can get back to a normal routine. I like doing set things on set days, and I don’t like starting my routine midweek. So this week will just be a total body schedule and next monday I will get back. Anywho…


45x5 95x5 135x5 185x5 205x5 (these were all belted because I just got a belt and I have never used one so I just want to get used to using it)

Front Squats
95x8 115x8 135x8

Overhead Press
95 2x5 115 1x5

Barbell Rows
95x12 115x12 135x15


Lat pulldowns
100x8 130 2x8

Was content with todays workout considering everything. Didn’t lose any weight due to being sick, which was suprising, since I wasn’t eating much. My energy levels were just not there though.

Still just messing around this week. Trying to have some fun. Though I can’t wait to get back on schedule


Romanian Deadlifts with dumbbells: 70x8 75 2x8
Incline Bench: 95X8 135x8 165x5 (don’t usually do these)
Leg Curls 70x8 90x8 110x8
Cable Rows: 100x12 115x12 130x10 145x10
dips: body weight 3x15
chins: 3x5
Bike 10minutes

21’s 60lb barbell
hammer curls: 50 3x8
Preacher curls: 30x5 25 2x8
pushdowns: 100x20 130 2x20
Tricep Overhead Extension: 20 2x8 1x10
Skullcrushers: 40 3x8

Leg press challenge: 90x10 180x20 270x30 360x30 was supposed to get 40…

2-1-13 Last day of just messing around. Sunday I am going to get back on track.

Chest Press Machine: 150x8 210x8 250x8 305x2
Flys: 75x10 100x10 130x7
cable rows: 100x12 130x12 160x8
chin-ups: 8,6,5
lat pulldowns: 125 3x8
db shrugs: 45x12 65x12 75x10

bike 20 minutes

Sunday will be squats.

2-3-12 Squats
Doing 5/3/1 bodybuilding template following it to the t.

Back Squats: 95x5 135x5 150x3 190x5 200x5 215x8
Front Squats: 95x8 115x8 145x4 (hit rack) 145x8 (pissed that I hit the cage)
Leg press: 270x15 wide 360x15 close 450x15 wide 540x15 close
Leg curl: 70x12 90x12 110x12,10
Leg extension: 70x12 110x10 130x10
Calf: Seated 90x50 standing body weight x50

Streching when I got home.

Felt good today. Always good to be in the gym pounding legs.

2-5-13 Press

Press: 60x5 70x5 80x5 105x5 115x5 120x8
dumbbell press: 35 2x12 2x10
Front/side/rear lateral: 15 2x10 20 1x10
Bike 20 minutes 160 cal

I usually do arms today but since I am doing deadlifts tomorrow I will do my biceps tomorrow at night, split it up into two sessions tomorrow.

2-6-13 Deads AM

Deads 135x5 165x5 210x5 220x5 235x6
Good Morning: 95x8 115 2x8
Pullups 3x8x
BB Rows: 135x12 155x12 185x5
Cable rows: 120x12 140x8 160x6
shrugs: 55 x10 75x10 80x10

Bis PM
BB Curl 70 2x10
db curl 20 2x10
hammer curl 2x15

Bike 30 minutes 240 cal

I am upset that the blizzard is coming because it is going to mess up my chest day… Snow Happens.


I shoveled 3ft of snow today. This counts as a total body workout. Holy Snow Batman!


Kind of back to normal. Still didn’t get to the gym but I did do some stuff in my house since today was the first day that I didn’t have to shovel. Deadlifts are out of the question tomorrow since I tweaked my lower back that I previously injured.

Shoulders ( at home)

Press: 90(ish) 10, 10, 15 ( I found a barbell in my aparment complex hallway. I do not know the weight but it is at least 15lbs.)

Band Press: 3 x10 ( Thick Band)
Band Upright row: 3x10 (thick band)

Band Front raises: 3x15 (medium band)

Better than nothing.

2-13-12 Taking it easy. Low back is still hurting, I’m doing some rehab on the area.

Barbell rows: 90(ish) 2x15 1x20
Band Rows: (THick+medium band) 3x12 wide grip
Band Rows: (thick +medium band) 3x12 close grip
Band Curls: (thick +medium band) 3x10 with dumbell handle ( these were actually pretty nice, I felt the pump in my arms, I will have to incorporate these into my routine)

Can’t wait to get this back healed.

2-15-13 Chest
Back is almost 100%. Just working on “fucking the air,” or glute work as some would call it. THough my knee is acting up, and that is pissing me off since I can’t figure out why.

95x5 115x5 140x3 175x5 185x5 200x5
dips: body weight 20 17 12
incline dumbbell press: 50 2x8 60 x 7
flys: 40 2x10 50 x10
pushdown: 100x20 115x15 145 2x12
tricep extension: 15x10 20x10 25x10

some light rows for balance. Also whenever I see someone with no back I instinctively go row.

Sunday is going to be legs, intensity will be determined.

2-17-13 Squats

Didn’t want to go too crazy today because of the knee.

Squats: 95x5 135x5 155x3 200x3 215x3 225x3 (hit just the prescribed reps)
Front Squats: 95x5 115x5 150x3 ( like I said, I took it easy)
Leg Press: 180 wide x10 270 close x10 360w x10 450c x10 540w x10 ( maybe not too easy)
Leg Curls: 70 3x10 90 1x10 ( ok i took it easy)
Leg Extension: 70 3x10 90 1x 10
Bike 20 minutes on the bike 100cals. ( Very low intensity, I just wanted to put the knee through the motions, and I had to kill time)

Not a bad of a workout considering.



60 2x5 95x5 115x3 120x3 130x5
Hang Cleans: 95 x5 115x4 125x2
Press: 75 2x10, 15
Front Raises: 15 2x10 20 1x10
Side/rear raises: 15 2x10 20 1x10
Preacher Barbell Curls: 45 2x8 65 1x8
Hammer curls 45 3x8

Was going to do another set on biceps but I decided against it because my grip was shot.