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Vatics Progress


I have put on a bit more size since I last posted here. I thought I should get some of your points of view.

if you want anymore info on me please check my training log I dont want to have to type it all out again.





front double bi (need to even up alot)





If anyone doesnt feel like following the link I am mainly looking for power but my secondary is to be aesthetically pleasing so here I am.

p.s. I know there is a small hole in my underwear...sorry.


forgot this one


Looks ok but your arms seem tiny. Lifts are pretty decent too.


You have a ton of room for growth.
That is the bright side.

Start eating a lot more to fill out your frame and you will look quite solid.


Completely agree, just continue lifting hard and eating. When you fill in you're going to look really solid.


very impressive lifts for your weight and height, especially military press.


Your bench is terrible for a MP of 209....I suspect weak triceps (or perhaps you are referring to a standing push press instead)
And BB curl of 88 pounds for 4 reps is beyond terrible.
19 pullups at your BW is not impressive but your back looks ok. Weak arms.......

Work your bi's and tri's. Hard.
Skullcrushers. HEavy.

It should help both your strength as well as aesthetic goals.


decent legs, that first pic is fucking weird though.


It's because he has very little mass in his upper chest.


not too shabby, good solid build. keep doing what your doing


Thanks I will try to belt the f*** out of my arms more and will see how that works. I also have long arms (75" reach) which will make it hard but who knows with more time anything is possible.


lats are lookin solid


Really? I would have gone with close grip bench first since his chest could use the extra work as well.


fix your face next time you pose, christ.
and add in incline.


I do incline Bench and incline DB bench Monday alternating between the 2 each week.


Looks solid overall, need more thickness, which will come with time, and food.