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Vatican Pub. Knights Templar Papers




I'm assuming after they sell these books it will lead to more books based off these books for normal people that won't pay $8,377, like us to read.


I can't wait for the movie to come out.


The abuse of forfeiture laws by governments in accusing innocent people of crimes to "legally" steal their property and wealth is so blatant throughout history. I'm surprised the framers of the Constitution did not expressly forbid forfeiture, as of the reasons for declaring independence was King George's abuses of criminal forfeiture.

To be sure, the American government's abuse of forfeiture in modern times is almost as bad as any other government at any other period in time. The drug forfeiture laws are ridiculous, particularly in that the government attaches property related to the crimes, not just belonging to those effecting the crimes. The IRS can effectively seize property under "guilty until proven innocent" standards.

The more there is to forfeit, the more laws the government will pass. Localities are moving toward forfeiture too, as evidenced by that story I posted awhile back regarding the guy in Chicago who had his car impounded while wrongly accused of soliciting prostitution.