Vastus Medialis

When working quads I get a good pump in at my vastus medialis, it’s just my pump is more pronounced in a lower part of that muscle and looks like it is a completely separate muscle from the vastus medialis. I know that it is part of the medialis, but I was curious as to why in most quad images they do not have this “bump”. Is it something that will be less pronounced as my quad size grows? (I find this very unlikely)

I am not really concerned about it at all, I actually like it, just curious if anyone has some info on the subject.

The picture in the above post has the “bump” I am talking about.

This image is the typical look I see when looking at the the quads and vastus medialis. I used this image because the quads are not very big, at least not bigger than the previous quad image yet it has zero “bump”.

That pic is likely of a guy who trains. The anatomy chart is just a drawing or a general image, and isn’t real life.

I’m confused though. It sounds like you’re talking about the “teardrop” on the legs, which is usually a part of having a well-built leg. But I don’t follow. Do you have that already developed or do you want to build it?

If it’s already built, good on 'ya. Keep doing what you’re doing. You almost-certainly won’t “outgrow” it if you keep building your legs. If you want to build it, a few articles have tips for hitting it. Thibaudeau talks about it here.

Sorry for the confusion.

My quads are not my strongest body part, but they are trained. My teardrops have the bottom bump like in the anatomy image. On my pump training days for legs the pump on the bump(haha) on the teardrop is much pronounced. I have a pump in my entire quad it’s just the pump is so much greater in that bump that it looks almost like a separate muscle from the vastus medialis or teardrop.

In the top image you can see what I am talking about. My quads are not close to that big but the bottom of my medialis on my quad is more pronouced compared to the whole teardrop.

In the bottom image you can see how the medialis looks like a single teardrop.

So many variables can attribute to a more pronounced lower muscle. I am the same as you when it comes to my quads. Just like a water droplet there is more water in the lower portion of the droplet. Same can be said about the medialis. There is more muscle in the lower part of the tear drop.

Yeah, like a lot of muscles, people have different shapes.