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Vastus Medialis Work

I have seen pictures of a split squat on a low pulley for vmo work. Can anyone explain this movement? I am not quite sure how to perform it. Those pictures I’ve seen employed a dyna disc but I"m not sure this is neccessary.

Any other vmo targeted exercise suggestion are most welcome.

Nothing beats sled dragging, walking backwards. Absolutely nothing.


Pretty much any leg exercise that involves the last 12 degrees or so of extension of the knee joint. It’s the one time I like the leg extension machine. Single leg extensions, flexing the vmo hard at the top. 1 & 1/4 reps are great to employ on the leg ext. as well.

Barbell hack squats. Like a deadlift, but with the bar behind the back.

Also lunges with bands set to kick in very high.