Vastus Medialis While Squating

Hello guys.

For the past two months i been trying to get rid of my knee valgus problem, and i fairly manage to do it. I lost some strength on the progress, but is squat deeper, with a stronger back and i think that in the long run it would benefit me.

My question is that when i am coming back from the hole, my knees keep a good path with the toes, but the things is that my vastus medialis get on fire, i mean, i feel the other muscles of my legs, hips and butt firing, but the Vastus medialis i just feel it on fire, like if it going to explode; so is this a good sing? a bad sign? and if it is bad, what could i do to fix it?

PD: i’m not feeling any knee or lumbar pain while or after the squatting.

Maybe it was weak(er) and now getting more focus with the change in form but your description doesn’t really sound good. Post a vid.

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This is basically my current PR